Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're Having More Fun Than You

Usually I think you're having more fun than me, but not this weekend.
Friday I took the girls to Homestead Farm in Maryland (about 45 minutes away.) It was a miraculous weather for August - warm and sunny but not too hot and humid, with a delightful breeze whipping around. Peaches and thornless blackberries are perfect to pick with small kids because they can reach them! The peaches were amazing - huge and soft and so, so juicy! We haven't had peaches like this since Colorado. After we had picked a few, Ginger bit into one. That's when she gave up on picking and climbed into the stroller to focus on devouring her peach. When she was done, her shirt was soaked and she had peach juice all over her chin and up to her elbows. And she was sucking the pit. Then she asked for more. The blackberries were just as wonderful. Big, juicy, and very black. Of course, no pick-your-own farm is complete without resident kid-friendly dogs, and there were even some animal pens to walk around and look at. A patch of pick-your-own zinnias rounded out a fabulous summer morning. What will we do with all that fruit? Watch this space later in the week for peach and blackberry recipes!

Saturday we hit the Arlington County Fair. Admittedly, Arlington is a small, non-rural county so the fair was small-scale. But that's all a family like us needs. A couple of rides, some balloons and an ice cream cone will do it. We picked up a few free pens at the various booths and had Hazel fingerprinted at the Sheriff's table by "Paul." She thought it was great; the next kid waiting with his mom was crying and terrified. Ginger was too young.
Saturday night we christened our new grill - yes, we went charcoal this time - with a couple of steaks and ate outside because it was such a nice night.
Sunday we attended our new ward, Arlington 1st, made up of equal parts ex-Falls Church and ex-Arlington ward members. Sacrament meeting ran extra long because they released everyone who are now in other wards by name from their callings. The Bishop and his two counselors were the speakers, and all three spoke about the positive aspects of the boundary changes and our new ward. However, one of the counselors' comments were especially memorable. He said he grew up as the son of a minister in another church in Detroit, and he told of a time that two congregations attempted to combine. There was great contention, territorialism and politics involved and in the end, about one third of the congregation left the church. He said how miraculous it is to have a church organization that is led by revelation, and whose members are personally and individually converted, so that when big changes come up we just roll with it because of our faith. I was happy to see a smaller congregation, get one of the padded benches for a change, and see a few familiar faces. After sacrament meeting we had a "brunch & mingle" to meet and greet (and also because the ward isn't staffed enough yet to teach all the classes.)

How was your weekend?


Lindsay said...

That DOES look like fun! I've always wanted to go to a you-pick farm. Maybe someday.

Our weekend's been swell, thanks for asking. :) Blake's bro and sis are in town for a visit and yesterday we headed over to Chinatown. My bro-in-law went to Taiwan on his mission, and speaks Chinese, which is why we went to that part of the city yesterday. And can I just say...Chinatown is so much more fun when you've brought along a Chinese speaker. :)

MiaKatia said...

Wow, that is a really fun weekend! I love you pick farms but I haven't been to one in ages. I also think that it is great the Hazel liked getting finger printed. It is something I need to do but haven't yet. Ours weekend not quite as fun. Grandma and grandpa left so the kids were a little bit mopey all weekend long. I love those comments from your bishopric member, they are so true.

The Henrich Family said...

Kari--what a great post! I LOVE berry farms. The kids always have so much fun. We do too! What's not to love about fresh air and being outdoors, spending time with the family and tons of fresh fruit?!? Glad to hear someone had a fantastic weekend.
Our weekend consisted of LOTS of work. We've been playing so much this summer, things have been put aside. However, it was good for us to get some much needed projects done.

andrea said...
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andrea said...

That was me screwing up the last post. Sorry about that. I just want some of those peaches. So............get your mom and dad and come to Culpeper for dinner. I will invite Matt, Gabe and Lottie and we will have more fun than you can imagine. Just let me know when.

KRISTIN said...

oh man, i am totally jealous. what i would give for some fruit right off the tree. pierson sooooo misses hazel. everytime we go to playgroup he list off all the people that will be there...Hazel is still included.

Shanda said... are such a good mom! You always do such fun things with your kids. Poor Talia and Milo have to cope with me being such a homebody! I am so excited that you are out of you tiny apartment! I bet you have made your home so stylish! I wish we could just come over for a nice visit!

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