Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Neighborhood Part I: Bay Ridge

One post I never got done for my May/June "Things I'll Miss" series was about my neighborhood in Brooklyn, Bay Ridge. It had a charm and familiarity that, after three years, was hard to bid farewell. The girls and I were out on the streets with the stroller almost every day, going to friends' houses, libraries, parks, shopping, music class or other errands, all within walking distance. The buildings, houses, and shops made up our 30-by-7 block home outside of home. Third and Fifth Avenues had all the main shopping and restaurants; the cross streets and other avenues were mainly residential. While it was sometimes a hassle to walk everywhere, I do miss the accessibility and closeness of that great community.

Ed commuted on an express bus that picked up literally outside our door, and cut at least 20 minutes off his otherwise subway commute. One of our favorite things about Bay Ridge was the waterfront walkway that stretched from the Verrazano Bridge to the 68th Street Pier, and which they renovated shortly after we moved there. We always lived close to the shore and could hop over there for a stroll along the water whenever we wanted, as long as we were willing to tolerate all the fishermen and the disgusting messes they made, and left, on the asphalt.

Bay Ridge was the perfect place to live in Brooklyn. It was made up of a mix of elderly and long-time residents, young professionals, and young families that had just outgrown their tiny Park Slope apartments with their second child. There were also many Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern residents. It was safe, people were friendly (for New Yorkers), and (for New York) it was a lovely place to live. I had so many favorite places; I took my camera out a few times to take pictures but didn't get as many as I wanted. Here are a few:

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Lindsay said...

Bay Ridge misses you!

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