Summer Fun Club 2012

When I was young, my Mom would take us on a rotation of morning outings in the summer - swim lessons, library, park, etc.  Once in awhile there was a craft project at home.  All this was done under the diabolically clever name, "Summer Fun Club", which I still remember as being way more amazing and fun than my Mom does.  The summers all blur together but my general memory is that they were truly "FUN."

This summer, 2012, I've adapted the concept to our family's lifestyle.  It's not really about what you do.  It's about having time set aside, for something planned, which gives us all something to look forward to.  Without resorting to screen time out of boredom.  Having a plan, however simple, is the key.  Here's what we've done:
#1 - Membership badges
#2 - Missionary letters
#3 - Pudding Parfaits
#4 - Missionary letters and MTC package
#5 - FIELD TRIP: Burke Lake Park and Grandma's house
#6 - 4th of July pain chip garland
#7 - 4th of July sugar cookies
#8 - Paper snowflakes (with glitter!)
#9 - Blanket fort and games
#10 - Gâteau au Yaourt
#11 - Fashion Plates 
#12 - Queen Anne's Lace
#13 - Cupcakes and water play 
#14 - Pioneer Day
#15 - Play-Doh
#16 - Shrinky Dinks
#17 - Summer Journals and Back to School Party

Got bored kids?  Need more summer ideas?  I refer you to my amazing sister's list of answers to the dreaded question, "Mom, what can I DO?"

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