Wednesday, August 06, 2008

PR Dish - Ohno He Dih-ent!

The Challenge: Create an outfit for the U.S. Olympic Team to wear at the summer games opening ceremonies.

The Winner: Korto
The Loser: Jennifer
Disco Mom's Pick: Terri
The Dish:
  • Not much dish this week. What can I say? The people who seemed to have strong love for the Olympics and/or the U.S. (as presented by the editors) were the ones who came out on top.
  • I agreed wholly with the judges' top 3, only Terri was my favorite this time; Korto a close second.
  • I was hoping Daniel and Jennifer would both be sent home and save everyone a whole episode of wasted time eliminating the other. Alas,....
  • A few words about the middle picks: Stella - space age same darn leather zipper belly button vest, enough! Blayne - FYI the U.S. colors aren't pink, white and baby blue.
  • Everyone else - get a clue what "sportswear" means, what athletes' bodies are like, and what year it is. I love a good retro design as much as anyone, but this just wasn't the challenge for it.
  • There were just too, too many good quotes this week so let's play a little guessing game - can you remember who said each of the quotes below?
The Quotes:

1. "Jerell's dress is a bit Titanic - his heart will go on."
2. "Well if her sport is drinking, it's a good dress."
3. "A sistah gotta keep one eye open."
4. "There's too much drama because there's too many queens around."
5. "A lot of bikers watch the Olympics."
6. "I'm just a little confused by it all."
7. "I'm getting paler and paler and weaker and weaker."
8. "As you can see we're back to high school, and I just want to get to college."
9. "Oh, God - youth!" (in reference to Blayne not knowing what Sergeant Pepper refers to)
10. "It's totally wackadoodle."
11. "Blayne's becoming tanorexic."

Next Week: Designing for the high-power career woman. Brooke Shields guest judges. Michael Kors accuses someone of being slutty!

1 comment:

kat said...

i liked terri's best too - more color, would look better on tv. but i did like korto's nice wide linen pants. oh, to be 6 feel tall and able to pull those bad boys off! how do you think those would work in maternity? ;)

i'm glad jennifer is gone. she made the same basic silouette each time. i was cracking up at her final comment about 'i thought my surrealism brought something different.' hello? WHAT surrealism? she's totally girly prim stuck in the past and made every challenge fit HER taste vs. what the challenge was.

stella also makes the same thing every week, but she totally dodged a bullet because the three at the bottom were so totally NON-athletic.

what is up with dresses for the athletes?! have they seen what a female athlete looks like? do you think those gals have little noodle arms like your models? CRACK HEADS!

i also can't believe that blayne didn't catch the sargeant pepper's reference. come on!

i'm excited to see who makes brooke shields look slutty, and how the baggy orange sack turns out.

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