The book was called: "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear" by again my favorite duo, Don and Audrey Woods.
This book is definitely a family favorite. It's about a little mouse who picks a strawberry, and the narrator of the book scares him into thinking a big hungry bear will come and get it. The mouse tries hiding it, guarding it and disguising it, but the narrator says the only way to save it is to "cut it in two, share half with me, and we'll both eat it all up!"

We started out with the kitchen and food cutting (wooden food with velcro that can be "cut" with a knife). The kids did a really nice job cutting. We only had one wooden knife so most everyone used butter knives. Haley was content to just cook soup while the rest cut and baked their various veggies and fruits. When that got old, I had the kids use thumb tacks to tack up paper strawberries (the mouse guards the strawberry with some thumb tacks). Bodie and Poppy also brought out the farm animals--which even had a connection.

We counted strawberries, and found lots of S's (for strawberry) and sang our ABC's. I read the book 2 times with complete attention. Then we went on a hot/cold hunt for our package of strawberries we were eating for snack.
After washing our hands really well, we had snack. Each child was given a strawberry hulled and cut halfway down the middle. They then finished cutting it in two, and shared half with the person next to them. It was a huge hit. So much so, Jackson decided he now likes strawberries! Haley enjoyed the cutting, but not the eating (glad to know there are other kids who don't like them also). The mouse also eats some cookies with the strawberry, so we did the same thing with the cookies (cutting them in 2 and sharing half).
In the living room, I brought out a plastic mouse and showed them how giant a strawberry was for a little mouse. We pretended to be little mice, and I showed them 3 different sizes of strawberries, and they had to determine which one would be the real size of a strawberry if they were mice. They figured it out, and that became our strawberry for the rest of the day.
We hid the strawberry (more hot and cold--which they are getting so much better at!).
We guarded the strawberry, by building a wall around it.
We disguised the strawberry (crayons, markers and then paint)
And we cut the strawberry into 5

Ended with the goodbye song and I read the book again.
Overall, best day yet. 3 year olds are just easier to reason with. I think Jackson was the nicest he's ever been during pee wees (at our house). It was so nice!