Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PR Dish - Brooke Asked For It

The Challenge: Design a day-to-night look for Brooke Shields' character on Lipstick Jungle. The winner doesn't get immunity but Brooke will wear it on the Jungle next season.

The Winner: Keith (& Kenley)
The Loser: Kelli

Disco Mom's Pick: Korto

The Dish:
  • For once Stella and Blayne didn't annoy me! Probably because Stella didn't open her mouth, and Blayne finally got serious and a little pathetic when he almost went home. And he didn't mention tanning once.
  • Of course Blayne's design was way off the mark but I'm confused why he didn't make like creased-front suit pant shorts - that automatically would have dressed his look way up; if he was set on shorts he could have even done like tuxedo pant shorts, I don't know.
  • I didn't care for Keith's outfit except the drop-off sleeve idea is cool. I thought Jerrell would win because they all seemed to like his better. But I didn't like it.
  • This being the first team challenge, it's a good lesson to note that the top two designs were from the teams that worked together harmoniously and whose final look was a true collaboration.
  • I think with 11 designers left I finally know everyone's names, and I have a handle on Kenley's, Terri's, Korto's, Blayne's, and Stella's styles. Still a little unclear on Leanne's, Keith's, Daniel's, Jerrell's, Suede's and Joe's styles. I'm still waiting to see someone I think deserves to go to Bryant Park. It gets good when we get rid of a few more and the challenges are more...challenging.
  • I have a headache.
Next Week: Designing for drag queens - how are they going to judge that since by its nature it's a challenge to be tacky? Kind of like last year's female wrestler challenge. Which of course the drag queen Chris won. RuPaul guest judges, no joke.


Margaret said...

I was surprised when they gave the win to bandana man. Everyone seemed to like Jerrell the best. I liked his mixture of textures but not his patterns. I loved when Tim brought in a swatch of the hideous fabric Kenley wanted just to show her how bad it was. I liked Korto's jacket, but the dress looked weird and ill-fitting on the runway. I am looking forward to the drag queens, and to seeing Chris again.

Disco Mom said...

Yes, I agree Korto's dress looked ill-fitting, but I liked the overall design and colors and thought the backless dress was a good surprise for a day-to-night transition. I was sure Jerrell would win since everyone loved it. I think every episode the producers step in and overrule the judges. Ouch when Nina told Kelli you can't get taste if you don't have it - kind of a giveaway she was out.

kat said...

double ouch when kenley started laughing nervously when daniel said that he had impeccable taste. although i do agree - what has he done?

i did think stella and jerrell worked well together. the one time that leather girl did something appropriate and NOT some silly vest involving lacing up.

i actually liked keith's best - although OF COURSE i HATE HATE HATE the bandana. maybe i just like pretending i could buy heals tall enough - and be slim enough - to pull off a skirt with that much horizontal stuff going on.

i too loved when tim mocked kenley's floral print that she was somehow in love with. totally old lady!

i am sorry to see kelli go, although she physically reminds me of sweat pea, which was driving me nuts.

i can't wait for the drag queens. i can't wait to see what total trashy leather nonsense stella comes up with. she has a real shot at this one.

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