Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Love a Good Snowball

The internet is good for things like a snowball effect.

About 13 years ago there were some camping trips in Utah.

Yesterday my friend James posted some "old school" photos on his Facebook page and tagged me in them.

I looked at them, they opened a floodgate of memories; I commented.

My comments reminded James of something; he looked through his old files and wrote a blog post, The Rules of Camping. (Had a hard time picking my favorite - a toss-up between 3, 12, and 16. I wonder what would have happened if Hottie Abe had attended.)

I read it, laughed so hard I almost peed my pants; Hazel asked me if I was crying.

I remembered a picture of said camping trip, dug deep into storage boxes to retrieve it; scanned and post it here:
(L to R - Staci, James, Lorna, Me, Matt)

I love a good snowball.


The Finck Five said...

Love the songs, it makes the memories even better

The Finck Five said...

Thanks Kari, I just got to listen to Superstar blasting through the house.


Disco Mom said...

Melissa, next time we get together I'll put it on and lip sync it for you, it's my specialty, with dance moves and everything. You'll love it and you're welcome in advance.

Sarah said...

Here's a snowball for you:
I look on Adventure's with Lindsay's blog.
I read a blog entry about a girl named Hazel.
I look at the picture of the Mom of Hazel.
I think - I know Kari!
I write Lindsay and get your blog address.
I comment on your blog.

Hey Kari! This is Sarah Condon (now Paulsen). How fun to find you in the blogging world! It sure makes the world even smaller. It's been fun to read your blog and get caught up (as much as one can) on your life. I even used your link to Shell's blog and that was fun to read too. Do you keep in touch with Christopher or Clint or Jeff or Jen or anyone else? Brent and Mariann Weed have been in Rocherster MN with us for the past 4 years. We were in diff. wards, but still ran into each other. Umm, so much to say...
Well, here's my blog address if you want to see the latest in our life and email address if you want to really catch up!
So fun to have found you.

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