Monday, August 25, 2008

Nie Nie Day is Coming - Watch for Good Auctions!

Well some of you may follow Design Mom's blog; I am sporadic but loyal. Her friend and fellow talented blogger Stephanie and husband Christian, parents of four, were in a tragic plane crash a few weeks ago; in critical condition, with months or more of recovery ahead of them. It has been moving to follow the ripple effect of sympathy, caring and generosity made possible by blogs and the internet, and I too have wondered what I can do to help. I don't know them personally but what if something like this happened to people I do know and care about? I would be screaming injustice and begging for any help on their behalf. As it stands, an impressively talented and savvy artistic community is rallying around the Nielsons in their time of need, fundraising in several ways for their medical/financial needs in the months to come.

For her part, Design Mom has named this Thursday, August 28, Nie Nie Day. She will be hosting a silent auction for something secretly awesome - I would expect nothing less from her - and has encouraged readers and Etsy sellers to do the same. Proceeds go directly into the Nielsons' paypal account. On Thursday's post she will tell of her own auction and include a list of links to everyone else's.

Naturally I want to participate. I love stuff like this, and for a good cause is even better. So I have contacted a few talented friends and have a pretty good auction lot taking shape. Please check back here Thursday to bid and/or check Design Mom's other auction links. And of course let us know if you score something awesome. Thursday should be an interesting day. More than anything I hope we can make a killing for the Nielsons.

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