Thursday, August 21, 2008

PR Dish - Queen Me

The Challenge: Create an over-the-top drag queen outfit that suits your client's persona.

The Winner: Joe

The Loser: Daniel
Disco Mom's Pick: Korto
The Dish:
  • Well it's about time to say buh-bye to Daniel. He really was whiney, full of excuses and delusional. I'm tired of his pushed-up jacket sleeves and sweaty hair. But beyond all my reality-show-watcher snarkiness, he was also super clueless! He missed the mark on a couple of challenges by a long shot and he never took criticism, almost a sure indicator of being sent home sooner than later.
  • I thought Jerrell's dress was just ok, but thought Blayne, with his saggy pterodactyl wings, deserved to be in the bottom three more.
  • I liked Joe's OK, though Korto's seemed more drag, more difficult and more dramatic. But I was really happy for Joe when he won. He's like the only normal guy on there so I'm kind of rooting for him.
  • It's amazing how versatile Stella and Blayne's unversatility are proving to be. So far they have managed to work black-leather-grommets and neon-LA-beach looks, respectively, into every challenge, and not gotten in too much trouble for it. I find that amazing. We're obviously still in the weeding-out process.
  • I haven't heard Blayne complain about tanning in two episodes. Have the editors just cut it out or did he get to tan, what do you think?
  • The challenges are starting to get more interesting, more challenging. It's excellent to see good designers thrown way out of their comfort zones and pull off something amazing. Harder to watch them bomb but still good TV.
  • What am I missing? What did you all think of the episode?
Next Week: Making clothes out of car parts? Rachel Zoe, whoever that is, guest judges.


kat said...

i liked terri's samuri. totally over the top - isn't that what drag is all about?

i'm glad little whiner boy went home. his comment to the criticisms of 'this is for a drag queen and not a las vegas show girl' made me laugh. HELLO! no sequins? are you an idiot? you didn't want it to be too much? what a dork.

i think they focused on '-licious' instead of his tanning fettish. the three who still need to go for me: keith - mr. scraps, blayne - get over the neon, and stella - get over the leather already.

Margaret said...

I was rooting for Joe. He did my favorite outfit. I loved it when Chris saw the outfit and knew exactly who it was for. I liked Terri's outfit, and it totally worked for Acid Betty, but she was a different kind of queen and I think that made it harder to compare to the others.

Daniel was totally lame and I was delighted to see him go. I want to get rid of Keith now more than ever because I noticed his yucky little rat tail. Did anyone else notice it? Has it been there all this time and I just now saw it? Ew.

kat said...

keith has a tail?! i guess i'm just too distracted by the stupid bandanas at the FRONT of his ridiculous melon.

Disco Mom said...

Shh, Margaret! I suspected I saw a tail, too, but I wasn't going to say anything out of sensitivity to SOME PEOPLE we know who have donned rat tails in the past, thinking they were cool.

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