Friday, May 16, 2008

Taxi, Taxi

There's a first time for everything. Today it's me uploading a video from the Sony Handycam I bought six months ago and still barely know how to use, editing it, then posting it on my blog. Here is Hazel singing the song "Taxi, Taxi." Words are below for those who don't speak Hazel.

Taxi, taxi, riding in the back seat
Roll the window up, roll the window down

Put the money in the slot

See ya later, thanks a lot

Sure beats walking cross town!

Aren't they cute? I think we can all look forward to more videos on here in the future.


Lindsay said...

Way to figure out how to post a home video!! Go you!

Also, that Hazel. That Hazel is so my favorite.

tona said...

Has she actually ridden across town in a taxi? Or just know them from the street as they drive by?

And yes, more videos please.

MiaKatia said...

Loved the video! It is such a cute glimpse into her personality. Did you make up that song or is that a song all NY kids know? And, why does Ed get first dibs on Green, tell him he gets red ;)

Disco Mom said...

I think she has only ridden in a taxi home from the airport. We do not usually find ourselves needing to get "cross town."

I first heard this song from Music for Aardvarks, a music class program here. But somehow Noggin got a hold of it and made a cute little animated segment to the song to play between shows, so we hear it a lot. She's going to sing it at the Primary talent show this weekend.

Xavier said...

That's cute. My 4 year old likes the song as well. The artist is They Might Be Giants -- a band I listened to quite often in college. Interesting enough, TMBG also does the theme song for Higglytown Heroes and Mickey Mouse clubhouse (including Hot Dog) -- funny how I liked them 15 years ago and now my kids like them too....


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