Thursday, July 24, 2008

Watercress is Spicy

Having not experimented much in the world of produce, and desperately trying to increase and expand our family's vegetable intake, I've been lately focusing culinary efforts on vegetable side dishes. Last night we had watercress and cucumber salad, from Martha's Everyday Food, alongside homemade pizza. It had a simple homemade dijon vinaigrette. It was very pretty. But I don't think I'd ever had watercress before, and certainly never as the main leafy green in a salad that I would largely be eating myself.


Ouch. I don't think W&C salad will be in the rotation.


Shells said...

FYI, Arugula (called rocket here) is spicy too. Dave likes it a lot, but it can be a little too much for me if it is not mixed with a milder, green.

Koa Mama said...

One way the Chinese cook em is stir frying with garlic and ginger or just garlic. Another way is making a soup with tofu. I think it's a lot less spicy cooked.

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