Saturday, February 23, 2008

1st Annual Mothers' Easter Basket Exchange

Us moms are sick of it - if we want an Easter basket, we have to make it ourselves...until now. Last year we talked about it and this year we're doing it: the 1st Annual Easter Basket Exchange.

Here's how it will work:

1. Easter is March 23, a month away. By March 5 (about 2 weeks from now) you must post in the comments here that you want to participate (see Eligibility below).
2. Make sure I have your email and mailing address. If you don't think I do, email it to me (kyounc at yahoo dot com.) I will take all the names, shuffle them, and make assignments. All the assignments will be made by email so no one's personal information will go on the blog. If I don't know you well, also email me basic stats - age, occupation, food allergies, whatever.
3. Compile an Easter basket/box for your assignee.
4. Spending cap is $25, not including shipping.
5. Your compilation must include good chocolate (doesn't have to be a bunny.)
6. The guideline is to make a package you would love to receive*. No waxy cheap chocolate or goofy useless fillers. It doesn't have to be extravagant, but it does have to make the recipient glad she participated. Quantity is not necessarily better than quality.
7. Put your package together and mail it out in time for your assignee to receive it by Easter. The entire point of this exercise is for each of us to have a wonderful Easter basket on Easter morning that we didn't have to make ourselves, so please be sure it will arrive on time.
8. Easter morning, open and enjoy your package that someone else made for you.
9. Follow up with a thank you note.


1. You do not have to be a Mom. You do not even have to be married, female or Christian. The exchange is so named because Moms in general get the shaft on Easter baskets and every other holiday they work so hard to make special for others. But anyone that meets #2 can participate.
2. I have to know you personally or through a reputable source (like you're a friend/relative of my friend/relative.) Even though it's a public blog and I sometimes get comments from strangers, no total strangers in the exchange. Include in your post how I'm supposed to know you.

I'm excited. I figure if at least one person is in, then I have someone to exchange with. If more than one is in, we have a full-blown success.

* Stuck on what to include? Here are some ideas (feel free to suggest others):
CHOCOLATE - gift card - seasonal candy - recipes - candle - lip gloss - kitchen gadgets - lotion - soap - gourmet food item (hot chocolate, soup or muffin mix, biscotti, etc.) - fizzy bath ball - manicure stuff - jewelry - socks - note cards - book - cd - local specialty item


jeans said...

me, count me in! -- tona

M Henrich said...

kari, I'd love to do this. Thanks for the invite. --melanie

Kate Cummings said...

Sounds fun. It's a brilliant idea.

Aaron and I have an easter bilby tradition going on.
Aaron informed me that rabbits are a no no in Australia so they sub in a bilby. When I found that I leaped at the chance to celebrate such a lovely and obscure marsupial. Our easters have become rabbit free ever since in honor of the bilby. I wouldn't want to impose my beliefs on anyone else so I'm not sure about joining in.

Disco Mom said...

All animals and cultural traditions are welcome, and just make it more fun. The only must-have is quality chocolate, but like I said it doesn't have to be a rabbit. The only Easter bunny with personal meaning to me is the one on the Cadbury ad who lays a Cadbury egg. Bilby celebrators, join in!

kat said...

i'm been slow, because i've been trying to make sure i have a molecule or two of creativity flowing in my veins still. turns out i believe i do! sign me up!

Disco Mom said...

excellent, kat, I was hoping you were in. get margaret in, too. but please don't let this scare people into thinking you have to be creative! i am not especially, but i can certainly put together a decent easter basket.

cherry said...

Wooohooo! Easter Basket exchange! Count me in!! I love dark chocolate...hahahahahaha

Muchos Gracias Amiga for the invite.

The Finck Five said...

Hi Kari,
I coming out of lurkdom to participate. I emailed you the info. Who doesn't love a package?

Margaret said...

Hi Kari.
I think I would like to join in the fun. This gives me a good excuse to gather my favorite candies.

Mia said...

I'm in. I am sure that I can use your fantastic suggestions to whip up a cute lil basket. I will email you my address.

Michelle said...

OK, I have been debating whether or not to participate. Just to come clean, I haven't made my own kids easter baskets yet, and I am planning to move. (We did the easter egg hunt and some easter treats, just not the whole basket thing). But it sounds like fun and will motivate me to get my act together, so count me in.

Disco Mom said...

Yes, I was thinking, "Leave Michelle alone about it - she's got a lot going on with the move." But I'm glad you're in so that YOU can get a cool basket even if no one else in your family does! I'm totally not doing baskets for the kids (or husband) this year, just like I didn't last year. What's the point? Maybe next year or someday I'll get them some cute baskets with their names on them and do it right (got the PBK catalog today and they do make their stuff look good...) But I am justified this year because we are trying not to accumulate unnecessary STUFF before the move.

Jill said...

Hi there -

My sister Melanie (one of your participants) called this morning to tell me about your easter basket swap. Can I join in? I love chocolate AND blog swaps! :)

Let me know and I'll email you my address.


Jenifuz said...

Ok, I'm in. I'd love a great easter basket! e-mail me if you need my address and stuff! Thanks Kari!

Kelly said...

Kari, count me in too =]

Kristina said...

Sounds like fun! Count me in.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I decided I DESERVE a great Easter basket this year. Add me to the list. Look how many of us there are in this inaugural year! This is going to be HUGE! I can see you on Oprah in a few years Kari!!

Jen C.

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