Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update - The Reunion

OK. We've been in the house a week now. Ed started his job this week. We are just beginning to pull ourselves back to normal - new normal - life. Time for a short series of updates.

The Reunion
Our first week out of NYC we had a Younce family reunion in Old Forge, NY. We stayed at Kenmore Cottages, an adorable lake front cabin community. Each family had their own cabin around a central quad with playground, fire pit, gazebo, lake beach, volleyball, basketball and dock. The weather was cool, downright chilly in the mornings, for which we did not pack appropriately but made up for in hot cocoa consumption. The two best things about this reunion were 1) everyone came for the whole week, even busy doctors, professors, mothers of newborns, unemployed businessmen (Ed), and people from England; and 2) everyone had a great time, meaning there was something for everyone - no small feat for a family with such diverse interests and vacation styles. Don, who's training for an Iron Man in August, got in all the hiking, running, biking, swimming, and kayaking he could. The kids all got lots of sand, Grandma and cousin time. Mom and various family members got several trips to the Old Forge Hardware Store, a surprisingly fabulous shopping destination. We each took a night cooking dinner for the clan, and after the kids went to bed we played games or ate dessert together. We even took turns sneaking out to the movies. It was amazing and I wish we could do it every year. See also Maren's write-up and Dave's less-is-more commentary.

The Clan
The Granddaughters with their Dolls


MiaKatia said...

New normal is a good/hard/fun thing to figure out. Did you get everything painted? I hope you are loving the new house and Ed is loving the new job. PS Dave's pictures are great. I love the elbow of doom and the fork picture!

Jen said...

Looks like you had a fun family reunion. I think we need to plan a BYU roommate reunion next!! I miss you and Michelle!

P.S. I have a family blog now. I'm not sure if already told you or not. www.thecarvercrew.blogspot.com :)

Don't judge, lol. I'm not as skilled at the art of blogging as you are!

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