Friday, July 18, 2008

Update - The Move

The movers finally decided to mosey on over with our stuff around July 5. It's ok because it took almost that whole week to get the right darn green paint color chosen and twice coated in Ginger's room - finally settled on Tart Apple. We also did a lot of planning and pre-shopping for things like rugs and furniture. (While sometimes unavoidable, a 4-hour trip to IKEA with 2 stir-crazy kids is not highly recommended.) Once our stuff was in we spent a day and then a week in an unpacking frenzy. Ed was a workhorse but I burned out by the end of the week. Also returned to IKEA for a buying trip to get a few things, still need one more trip there. I'm desperate to have some kind of modern, cohesive look to our home but I'm a design amateur. I have a vague vision I'm working towards, and Ed and I both feel a strong desire to graduate from the grad-school apartment look to a clean and peaceful home that feels great to be in. We're not there yet.

By the beginning of this week, when Ed started work, we were about 85% unpacked, and remain so. That last stubborn bit of boxes and - oh, the horror - miscellaneous - I'm coming to hate that word - stuff is still sitting around and unfortunately we are starting to live with it like that. You know, step around the boxes as if they're part of the landscape. We'll do another unpack push this weekend and see if we can remedy some trouble spots. But on the whole it's great to be here. The girls love the house and so do we. Soon we'll be open for business (visitors.)

I'm working on another post about the new ward (church) and an update on the girls in general. Unfortunately the computer is now off in a remote corner of the house, not in the middle of everything like before, so I don't get to it as often, but believe me, I'm working my way back.

Camping in the Brooklyn apartment:


Lindsay said...

I HATE those darn miscellaneous boxes. But I don't know how to avoid the time we're down to the last bits of packing, I'm all for throwing organization to the wind in favor of just tossing things in boxes. Sigh. Vicious cycle. Glad you're liking your new home, but we do miss you here!

Jenifuz said...

I totally agree with you, it's the last little bit of unpacking that is the hardest! OH and I wish my computer was in the midst of things instead of back in an obscure little room (ok, so it's my bedroom but it's still out of the way!) It's harder to get all the fun blogging done and keep track of kiddos. I'm glad you're getting settled. That's one of the best feelings!!

kat said...

bravo on the unpacking. and having your own yard! i'm sure your house will be sophisticated and lovely.

and thank YOU for reminding me about project runway. time to go set the tivo!

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