Thursday, July 24, 2008

PR Dish - Weak

It was a weak challenge. Use eco-friendly materials that you don't even get to pick out, your models do the shopping for you. I guess Mood only had a few "green" materials since so many people got the same stuff - they should have at least gone to some kind of specialty store to really sample the eco-friendly wares out there.
  • I don't question the skill that went into Suede's concoction but I still didn't like it. I would have gone with Kenley for the win. Guess I'm not so in touch with young Hollywood.
  • Good heavens, yes, Wesley was the right call for getting kicked off. It was hideous.
  • Most of the dresses were entirely too short but I did like Blayne's pretty well and Daniel's might have been my favorite, tied with Kenley.
  • Did anyone else notice Tim Gunn dropped the phrase "hot mess" when advising one of the contestants? It was subtle but I found it funny how Christian had gotten to the silver fox.
  • Also has anyone else noticed Blayne is trying to be the new Christian by coining - and constantly repeating - an obnoxious adjective - LICIOUS! Sorry, Blayne, you've got all the annoying and none of the charm.
  • Need we even mention Suede's self-reference in the third person? Stop trying so hard to stand out, people! Let your work speak for itself.
  • I was wondering if, though I know it's all pre-recorded, there was any way we could vote to have Stella leave the show based on principle? She admits all she wants to do is leather - if you don't want to be there doing real fashion let someone else do it! For example, bring Jerry back!
  • I appreciate that Bravo is advertising the new X-Files movie during Project Runway - they certainly know their audience.
Next week the challenge has something to do with NYC and Sandra Bernhardt guest judges - should be awesome and brutal.


David Dust said...

Stella's "Leh-tha" talk is just TOO annoying...

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.


Mo said...

Okay Kari. You've finally done it. Before this morning I loathed reality TV with a passion typically reserved for artists and political activists. While browsing through the channel guide trying to find some kind of distraction while doing some early-morning ironing, I ran across a re-run of Project Runway. Based on your adulation of the show (which I know does not come lightly or casually) I watched the entire hour. Of a reality TV program. And enjoyed it. I did not see this coming!

Incidentally, I adored Kenley's dress!

Disco Mom said...

Aha! I love it! Got the Allen-Shaw hooked! I loathe reality tv with equal passion but watching the creative process trumps all the interpersonal drama and I always love to see the outcomes. At least it's a competition of talent and not just lamos strategizing against each other.

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