Thursday, July 31, 2008

PR Dish - The Worst Review is No Review

The Challenge: Create a night-out look inspired by New York City.

The Winner: Kenley
The Loser: Emily
The Dish:
  • Stella is an idiot and so is Blayne (aka Tango)
  • Kieth with his no-no bandana and toilet paper shift should have been auf'd decades before Emily's Carmen Miranda or anybody else's anything
  • Emily's downfall - Nina had "no comment"
  • I probably liked Leanne's best but can hardly argue with any of the judges' top 3
  • Terri is emerging as a force to be reckoned with
  • Sandra B was surprisingly tame in her judgments
  • Is is just me or are a lot of the models kind of ugly this season?
  • I am waiting for Michael Kors to show up in a hot pink t-shirt one of these days, waiting patiently
  • Lessons to be learned from this episode: 1) the judges like to be (pleasantly) surprised (Kenley), 2) the judges notice and like it when you take their advice (Leanne), 3) it's a fine, fine line between simple and boring (Emily & Jennifer)
  • Kari's highlight moment: When Blayne bonked his head on a low-hanging light - gave me a good chuckle
  • Kari's lament: Why oh why must we be tormented with so many annoying phrases? Leave Tim and his own charming language alone!
What did everyone else think?

Next Week: Something about the Olympics?

And for those of you more obsessed than me, see blogginprojectrunway.


Margaret said...

I did not like the winning dress at all. I really liked the outfits made by Terri and Leanne. Kalle was outraged that Keith was safe but I knew he was ok when they mostly complained about his color choice. I want them to get rid of more people so we can see everyone's work. I feel like there are a lot of designers that I can't name because they don't annoy me and are always in the middle.

Disco Mom said...

It's true. When you have so many people you can't fit a focus on everyone, so you don't even realize they exist until you see the runway, and you're like, who made that? How come I've never seen that dress - or designer - before? The editors zoom in on who's winning, who's losing, and who's annoying. And the middle people slide by. We need it get it down to about 6 or 7 to be manageable. Or do a team challenge; you get to know more people that way, too. Isn't it about time for one?

Margaret said...

They usually have three teams of three when they are down to nine designers. Are we there yet? I love a good team challenge.

Did you like the winning dress?

Disco Mom said...

Yes, I liked it for probably the same reason the judges liked it - it was so surprising. Who would have guessed she could make something great out of that heinous print & tulle, that was fresh and new as she promised? It was a well-accomplished feat. But Leanne's was my favorite and my winning pick. We're not down to 9 yet, I think maybe 12 so that could be good for a team challenge.

kat said...

gag. i HATE the winning dress. i liked the cream number with the high collar the best i think, but it's a close tie with the skirt that had the nice curvy layers. i need to double check the names of the people.

the LOOSING dress for me was the silly piano dress. UGLY UGLY UGLY. the carmen meranda number was boring, but not as DUMB as the piano dress. 'holly go lightly meets salvador dally?' puh-lease. BORING is right. and i'm sorry, while i know that you don't have to dress great to be a great designer, the gal has terrible personal style.

and i totally agree that stella just needs to go home now. she's a one trick pony, and if all she can do is leather and gromits, what is she doing there?

no one is standing out to me yet like last season. maybe there are still just too many people. get rid of stella and the 12 yr old blayne (-licious is NOT going to catch on - hello! it is so 25 years ago!) and we'll have a good start.

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