Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today, 10:11 am. Ginger is napping. I am lying in euphoric paralysis on our brand new Tempur-pedic mattress that has just been delivered. Hazel wanders in.

"Mommy, what do I smell?"

"That's polyurethane. It's coming from my new mattress. I know it smells yucky but it will go away in a few days."

"No, it's not yucky."

"Oh. You like that smell?"

"Yep. It smells! Yum, yum!"


tona said...

Mmm, brownies. Now I have to go make some. Liking the mattress? We never get bored of sinking into ours at the end of the day. Love your new picture too. Cute you.

cherry said...

Kari! How are you and the family?? I love the pictures of the girls carrying their dolls--Ginger looks so much like a big girl now!! How i wish i can talk to her...take care..

MiaKatia said...

Oh my... ours smelled so bad I can't imagine it smelling like brownies. Although brownies do sound like a good idea.

Scott & Jen Driggs said...

They are so cute at this age. Ethan told us as we were watching fireworks, "Mommy, I smell something" we asked what it was and he answered, "it smells like toast"

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