Sunday, June 15, 2008

Things I'll Miss #6: Jacques Torres

JT deserves his own post. It's the good stuff. It's my fix and addiction. I totally love this chocolate. And the specialty items, from hot chocolate to dark chocolate covered pumpkin brittle to chocolate corn flakes, light my fire as well. He does ship but the cost is exuberant due to the delicate nature of the chocolate. So I've got a few bars to last me awhile, but this is one errand I'll be sending Ed on whenever he's back in New York on business. Ah, Jacques, you've ruined me for (most) other chocolate.


cherry said...

I Don't really know where exactly to put my comment...sooo here! CHOCOLATES!They are my favorite too.

Anyhow, i would like to enumerate, few for now, what i am going to miss about you! DISCOMOM!!

1) your encouraging and sincere words(that's #1 truly amazed me how you were able to appreciate the things i do and it does help me appreciate myself more..thanks Kari)

2) your sense of humor

3) your help in the primary esp. in teaching the Valiants how to behave....hehehe

4) your pretty face matched with pretty daughters (hey, that's sincere)

More later! (sigh) will surely miss you....

cherry said...

continuation:[we went to Shelley's school...]

5) homemade, delicious cupcakes(Jenebie is a fan of your cupcakes...i wonder how their trip went..haven't called her yet)

6) great party [baby shower!]

7) "high heels" [i know i have to expound it---it actually reminds me of you wearing my high-heel shoes during are very funny!!)

8) my girls will miss Hazel and Ginger! how many more kids??? hahaha

i know i am going to miss a lot of things about you and your family, Hazel is becoming more and more friendly, she gave me a big hug and a sweet smile last sunday.I truly enjoyed Ginger's company too, it reminds me of how cute and interesting little children like her could be.....i hope they will not forget Geri and Shelley...

will e-mail you the pictures...take care Kari! don't forget us!


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