Sunday, June 15, 2008

DM Takes on Moving: This is it!

Countdown to movers: 4 days

Countdown to leaving NY: 6 days

Done or Doing:
  • Lots of packing
  • Netflix membership on hold
  • Mail on hold and forwarded
  • Medical records requested
  • Living room mostly packed up
  • Ed's clothes, kids books packed
  • Storage unit cleaned out
  • Air mattresses borrowed for "camping nights"
  • Salvation Army pick-up scheduled for Tuesday
  • Childcare arranged for Thursday (movers come) and Friday (cleaning)
  • Utilities cancelled
  • Air conditioners and microwave promised to friends

Need to Do:
  • Final laundry
  • Pack for trip, then pack the rest of the clothes in boxes
  • Clean out dresser for S.A. pick-up
  • Get new camera batteries
  • Get marshmallows as promised to Hazel for "camping nights"
  • Send a package sitting by the door
  • Get a few final gifts to friends
  • Get air conditioners and microwave to promised friends
  • Set up utilities at new house
  • Change address with magazines
  • Return cable box and modem to Time Warner service center
  • Hit a few favorite shops one more time?

1 comment:

Kelsey Carreon said...

why am I so tired reading your list!!! Knowing I have to do a bunch of these things and I am only moving across town not out of state! I need to start making my moving lists.... you are a great motivator.

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