Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DM Might Go Crazy Taking on Moving

Countdown to the move: 9 Days

Done or Doing
  • Canceled utilities
  • Stopped/forwarded mail
  • Made packing list for family reunion we are attending while in transit between NY and VA
  • Scheduled Salvation Army pick-up for furniture we're not taking
  • Posted things to get rid of on Craigslist or arranged to give to friends
  • Almost done downloading CD's to get rid of
  • Backed up computer
  • Packed some boxes
  • Father's Day and summer birthday shopping
  • A few farewell gifts
  • Gave up on researching preschools until we get there
  • Gave up on getting reimbursed for receipts to the ward
  • Made a massive Goodwill drop-off (8 full garbage bags and several boxes)
  • Resigned to the fact that moves are never perfect, and this one is especially far from it
  • Planned out the remaining 2 weeks of meals and shopped for them (lots of pasta and leftovers)
  • Unloaded much of the remaining cupboard contents on Lindsay
  • Got Kelly to watch the girls on moving day (THANK YOU!)
Need to Do
  • Organize! Pack some more! (especially books and toys...)
  • Get motivated
  • Clean out storage unit
  • Get pack-n-play and air mattress we are borrowing from the Taylors for the 2 nights we'll be camping out in the apartment
  • Back up computer again
  • Check the moving checklists to see how behind I am
  • Get moving insurance?
  • Sort and organize the kids' clothes for the third time, this time to put away warm clothing we won't need and shoes they have outgrown overnight in the right boxes
  • Fold 2 weeks of laundry
  • Clean off this desk that is crowding in on the keyboard
  • Finish those blog drafts waiting around!
  • Finish costumes and props for primary class presentation this Sunday
  • Write cards and wrap Father's Day presents
  • Pick up pediatrician records
  • Set up utilities at new place
  • Get someone to watch the girls on cleaning day (day after moving day)
  • Get a new swimsuit (afraid it's not going to happen...)
  • Catch up on sleep (also afraid it's not going to happen...)

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