Monday, June 30, 2008


Last Saturday, 6:07 pm. Perkins restaurant in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The girls are restless as we wait for our food.

Hazel: "Ginger, do you know where you were born?"

Ed and I exchange surprised looks.

Ed: "Where was Ginger born?"

Hazel: "In the hop-sital!"

Ed: "Right, the hospital in New York. Do you know where you were born?"

Hazel: "In Dol-dorado!"

Ed: "Yeah! Do you know where in Colorado, what city you were born in?"

Hazel: "Yeah. Past the street, under the bushes and through the woods!"

We gotta get this kid back to Boulder. And we gotta stop letting her watch Dora.


cherry said...

Hahahahahahaha....very funny, i enjoyed the conversation...that is one cute exchange of words! Good job Hazel!!

more later...

hugs and kisses to the little angels.

MiaKatia said...

Oh my that is the best. I knew you were tough Kari, but I had no idea you had opted for a all natural in the woods birth ;) I wish one of mine had been born in Dol-dorado!

Jen said...

Too cute. At least she didn't say "over the troll bridge".

Koa Mama said...

That is sooo cute! Sounds like good material for a Dora flashback episode.

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