Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Digs

I didn't post much on our new place before because I didn't take my camera so no pictures. But my parents did a walk-through with the realtor yesterday and took some shots.

My three requirements for a new place, besides being in our budget, were:
1) must keep Ed's commute as short as possible
2) must have parking
3) must have central a/c

Secondary preferences were:
1) three bedrooms
2) nice and/or big kitchen
3) laundry machines

Eric The Realtor said we were the perfect clients because anything we saw was bigger and better than what we were coming from, even places he thought were dumps, and we were not too picky. We looked at a variety of condos, townhouses and single family homes throughout Fairfax, Vienna, Falls Church, Arlington and Alexandria - 15 places in two days. We are renting for at least a year to make sure we want to stay in the area and/or at Ed's job before looking into buying. Plus we didn't want to be rushed on our first home purchase, and the market sucks right now.

So here's a slideshow and description of our new place that I'm SO excited about. First and most importantly, Ed's commute will be about 20 minutes if the bus schedules aren't lying. Amazing, I could cry. We're in a 1800 sqft single family house in a cute and quiet neighborhood, next door to a public park and playground. We're renting from a family who lived in the house themselves until now, and they've already been great resources on doctors and other neighborhood info. There are two levels: living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, 1/2 bath on the first level, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on the second. It's pretty straightforward. There's a cute back patio and then a great back yard with tall mature oak trees to keep us shady in the summer and busy with leaves in the fall. The master bedroom has a million closets and a built-in bed and armoire so we can go one more year of our marriage without buying bedroom furniture. The house definitely has an unusual layout but it's totally perfect for us right now - I like the quirkiness - and I'm constantly thinking about where things will go. Who's coming to visit first?


Lindsay said...

Wow, Kari, that place looks great! Only a 20 minute commute AND you're right next door to the park AND it's a house, not an apartment -- with a yard?!?! You must be in heaven. Sign us up to come visit!

Kelsey Carreon said...

wow what a find!! Nice Yard, Nice Park, beautiful parquet floors, stainless steel appliances. You guys did really well!!

MiaKatia said...

That place looks perfect! That really is a great find with all the amenities it has (the most important one being the short commute in my opinion).

Therese said...

thank you once again! beautiful new place, kari. what a gorgeous backyard! i can't wait to read your posts from there. now, next item of business: when are you coming to visit me in london? xoxo

The Henrich Family said...

congrats on finding a great place for your family! Good luck with your move. We'll have to plan a rendezvous sometime and meet up.

Jenifuz said...

That looks great! Your description of the floor plan sounds like ours!! I'm very jealous of the nice mature trees but it's a very cute house! I'm so excited for you!

kat said...

your new place looks great! YARD! SPACE! rooms to go hide in! very fun. should be a nice carrot to inspire the packing.

Jenny said...

Marsha said you had pictures of the new house online. It looks awesome. I am so happy for you guys. We are definitely coming to visit.

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