Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Good Stuff - June

The house smells like cardboard.

We're mostly packed and the time has come to unplug the computer and wrap up the cords. I'm concerned about internet withdrawal symptoms but will face them bravely. The movers come tomorrow to finish packing and transport our stuff to a storage facility. Thursday and Friday night we camp at home, complete with stove-toasted marshmallows, living room picnic meals and stories by flashlight. Friday I clean the apartment and see the dentist for the molar that randomly broke during breakfast yesterday, love that. Saturday we go to Hazel's friend's birthday party then head upstate for the Younce family reunion. Next Saturday we drive to Virginia and stay at my parents' until the movers come with our stuff, sometime the first week of July. I forgot how moving raises the homeostatic anxiety level, but it's a good stress. And a good tired. I've scheduled a few posts to go up in my absence. But in the meantime, I give you this month's Good Stuff.

Grown-up Good Stuff
Life in Cartoon Motion by Mika - What a fun CD, got this recommendation from Dave. It's one of his few new CD's he listens to at work, so you know it's good 'cause it made the cut. We worked together to come up with the perfect description:

Queen on the happiest day of their lives meets ABBA on Ecstasy
in a disco club with a moon bounce

I dare you not to shake it! Of course most of you will never have the ultimate Mika experience, which is listening to "Grace Kelly" at volume 11 in Dave's car with him singing along and doing the pistol dance. But you can imagine, and that's almost as good. Push PLAY on the sidebar playlist. You're doing the dance right now, aren't you?

Mentha Lip Tint and the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale - I do love a good lip balm and this is the perfect one, been my favorite for years. Ask Katy, she got one in her Easter Basket. And the semi-annual sale is not to be missed. I love B&BW shower gel, lotion, hand soap and other goodies, but why pay full price? Just wait until June or January to get everything you need for the next 6 months, including any birthday gifts coming up.

Cape Herb Spice Blends from Chelsea Market Baskets - I discovered these at Chelsea Market in Manhattan early in our time here. Was intrigued, as any wannabe culinarian would be; tried a few. Loved them, gave some as gifts. Continue to be intrigued and want to try them all eventually. Check out the seven sins sugar grinders! What looks good to you?

Kid Good Stuff

Amazon 4-for-3 Promotion - I do believe in buying and keeping quality hardcover books for myself and my children, but I also believe in good deals. So when I've only got $20 to spend but we're dying for some new reads, I go the paperback route, and 4-for-3 is the ticket. Just got Hazel 4 new books for like $13 and while they may not last for her to read to her grandchildren, they're just what we need right now. You can search within the promotion for things you wanted to get anyway. I put books we want on our wishlists, and make a note in the comments if it can be gotten for 4-for-3. Then I can just scan the wishlists when I'm making a purchase and find the promotional items quickly.

Firefly toothbrushes - A random find at Target or somewhere but pretty cool. You push on the bottom of the handle and bright red lights flash for 60 seconds, marking how long a child should brush her teeth. Of course my kids just want to play with them but it's a good concept we can work with. And check out the Float N' Firefly toothbrushes at the bottom of the link page!

Justin Roberts - I'm glad to be parenting in an age that has a whole subcategory of Indie rock for kids. Dan Zanes, Milkshake, Laurie Berkner and many others have blown the genre wide open with rockin' music parents and kids can listen to and love together. But my personal favorite? Justin Roberts. Slightly geeky, this ex-Montessori-preschool-teacher has super clever lyrics and make-you-want-to-ska-dance-in-a-mosh-pit tunes. I admit we only have one of his CD's - Meltdown (my favorite track probably the title tune or "Cartwheels & Somersaults.") But you can bet we are on our way to picking up more, especially his Old and New Testament CD's. And we are quite likely to catch his show in DC with his "Not Ready for Naptime Players" on Sept 27.

All-of-a-Kind Family - You wouldn't believe the things I've come across lately as we sort, organize and pack up the house. At least they have mostly been pleasant discoveries. Take this book for example. I read this story about a poor immigrant family with five daughters on the Upper East Side many times as a child. My copy is from 1971 (75 cents) and when I picked it up the cover fell off. I looked it up to make sure it's still in print and what do you know? It's a 4-for-3 book. So I scanned the cover and will keep my copy but probably get a new one for the girls when they are older. It's a classic from my youth, up there with Taking Care of Terrific, The Westing Game, and The 21 Balloons.

But the girls choose their own good stuff, as we well know, and this month they are:

Moving boxes...
...and their old bouncy seats!


Kelsey Carreon said...

You had Christina dancing all over the family room with the Lollipop song. Once again Kari your good stuff rocks the house!

Disco Mom said...

Kelsey, I think that's my favorite too. I absolutely have to swing my head, kick my feet, and sing in our toy mic to that one - glad you like it :)

Lindsay said...

I should get my hands on "All of a Kind Family." When you rank it with the likes of "The Westing Game," it has to be a winner. :)

MiaKatia said...

I will definitely pick up a Justin Roberts CD. I love cool kids music. There is plenty of time spent in the car where I would rather listen to good kids music than obnoxious overplayed radio.

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