Monday, June 02, 2008

DM Takes on Moving: Yikes, 3 weeks!

Done or Doing:
  • Woohoo, found a place to live! (Love it.)
  • Booked movers
  • Got packing/moving materials
  • Have new tenant for NY apartment (80% sure)
  • Trying to stick to our new healthy eating lifestyle, though the stress does not help
  • Purged lots and lots of clothes, books, cd's, furniture
  • Sorted through storage closets
  • Backed up computer
  • Got tote bags and t-shirts for Younce family reunion in 3 weeks (my assignment)
Need to Do:
  • Uh, pack
  • Organize and pack some more
  • Look into preschool for Hazel
  • Schedule massive Salvation Army pick-up
  • Wash the last week's worth of dishes
  • Figure out and schedule cable/internet/utilities hook-up at new house
  • Cancel cable/internet/utilities at current place
  • Change address with bank, companies and subscriptions
  • Keep up with blog so people don't lose interest
  • Finish Things I'll Miss and Things I Won't Miss blog post drafts
  • Of course order my new return address stamp and possibly mommy cards if I can take them seriously enough (tell me which one on the page you like)
  • Put together a class sharing time presentation with my church primary class
  • Get Father's Day gifts (can't forget that in the midst of moving madness!)
  • Continue to care for and nurture my neglected children
Dang, I was hoping my first list would be longer than the second.

All I Want to Do:
  • Sleep
  • Read my book
  • Play on the computer
  • Paint my toenails


Lindsay said...

Yay! You found a place -- and you love it! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

Shells said...

What I did to help myself feel like things were getting done during our move, was make sure that I did at least one thing from the list every day. Often it ended up being something smaller than I had planned, but even if it was the smallest/easiest thing on the list, at least that was one last thing to do. Best of luck with the move!

tona said...

You totally need mommy cards. I need them. Wow, they are cute. I like rose petal, birdie green, and sarah anguilo.

We won't lose interest no matter how long you go between posts.

Anything else I can do for the goody bags? Let me know if I need to get stuff from Oriental Trading.

The Finck Five said...

Where is the new place?

Disco Mom said...

And that "need to do list" is totally incomplete!

We're renting a house in Arlington near Route 50 & S. George Mason Drive. Ed can catch a bus at Rte 50 that's a 10-15 minute straight shot into Rosslyn where his office is.

The Finck Five said...

I may be a bit strange, but I think living that close to the cemetery would be nice. I love visting there, it is just nice to walk the grounds and feel the spirit of the place, not to mention it once belonged to Robert E. Lee.

kat said...

you can only imagine how excited i will be when i receive my first letter marked with your new address stamp! :)

i'm excited you will soon get to spread out in a house!

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