Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ultimate Road Trip Day 6: On the Road Again

Sunday morning came early, thanks to my late night and the time change.  Good thing my iPhone corrects itself automatically; otherwise I'd be lost on this trip.  We had a big breakfast at the hotel buffet with all the family, except Natalee and Carson of course.  Then back to our room for laundry folding and careful repacking for the rest of our trip.  We also hung out with some remaining Hickmans - Dan, Jenice, and China - until the noon checkout deadline.  We texted Brad, Ed's brother that lives in Utah, and all descended on his house and family for lunch.  Saturday had been so wedding-centric that many of us had not had the chance to properly catch up, so it was a great chance to do so in a smaller, more relaxed setting.  When there are eight brothers and sisters, and half are married with children, there is always lots of news.

After lunch we rolled out of Salt Lake and were back on our road trip.  We headed way south on I-15, only stopping for gas and DQ blizzards - the essentials.  Then east towards Springdale, and the mighty rocks and canyons of Zion National Park.
Our first view of things to come in Zion
We had dinner in Springdale, with some really amazing garlic sauteed mushrooms for an appetizer - one of the best things I've eaten on this trip.  Then, after dark, on into the Park.  We checked into Zion Lodge, where the girls promptly conked out, and I struggled to get some internet connection, to no avail.  Also exhausted, I gave up and fell into maybe my deepest sleep yet.

Daily Report
Miles: 320
DVD:  Bill Nye the Science Guy - The Sun & Light
Activity:  Travel Bingo
Poppy: mini Groovy Girl doll
Snack: Happy Hippos
High Point:  Ed - time with family; Kari - first views of Zion; Hazel - playing with Aspen, Uncle Brad's dog; Ginger - dinner (she had a cheeseburger); Poppy - same as Hazel, playing with Aspen
Low Point:  How crazy the girls were in the hotel room, and we realized we had failed to run them around during a rest stop that afternoon.

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