Monday, March 25, 2013

Ultimate Road Trip: Recovery and Life Moves On

A heavy depression fell on me the day after we got home.  I woke up with the same vestibular imbalance, things pitching and lurching most of the day, especially if I stood up too quickly or bent over for something.  It went away after a few days; I still don't know what it was.  In many ways, it was good to be home.  I desperately missed my pillow and bed.  Having more than four outfits to choose from was kind of nice.  Letting the girls have space to move about was also good for us all. 

But it seemed all I was coming home to, was work.  Dishes.  Cooking.  Cleaning.  Bills.  Calls to return.  Emails to answer.  And on top of it all, lots and lots of unpacking.  Which is still not done.  It seems like I spent the first three days home almost entirely in the kitchen, and not doing fun stuff.  Three meals a day for the family, plus dishes and a little cleaning.  After two weeks of driving, seeing new things, and eating out, it was overwhelmingly dull. 

But now, a week home, I'm somewhat recalibrated.  Dishes are not so daunting.  Things are more than 50% unpacked.  Some things are caught up.  I'm a little bit back in the rhythm of things.  So glad we still have another week of spring break.  We all slept so late last week, catching up.  This week, we're getting more in our own time zone. 

But life never stops!  This week is Hazel's birthday, Ed's parents come into town, Hazel's baptism this weekend, then Easter on Sunday.  Lots of things to arrange and people to feed.  Also everyone has doctor's and dentist check-ups to keep us all caught up.  So the trip was amazing.  Unbelievable.  Perfect.  But now it's over, and on to what's next.

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