Saturday, March 09, 2013

Ultimate Road Trip Day 5: Wedding Day

This was the big day, the whole reason we were here.  Also the first day all week I didn't set my alarm, and got to sleep in until the glorious hour of 7:30.  After a hearty breakfast from the hotel buffet, with family and cousins we hadn't seen in years, I slipped away to a spa down the road at which I had scheduled myself an appointment weeks ago.  90-minute deep tissue massage followed by an express manicure.  I'd earned it.  Deep purple nail polish to match the wedding colors.  And the bruises on my back. 

I picked up some lunch for the kids on the way back to the hotel, and then things really started to get crazy.  Natalee and her parents were running off to the temple, hair done and wedding dress in hand.  Some of her friends were there, thankfully, to help us and watch our kids while we changed and ran off to the temple ourselves.  We left them behind to dress our girls and do their hair, and meet us at the temple later, after the ceremony. 

We were driving with Ed's sister and her husband, also not from that area.  Only in Utah can you go to the wrong temple because there are so many close together.  We were supposed to go to the Oquirrh Moutain Temple, but we saw one on our way that we thought was it, and pulled in only to realize it was the Jordan River Temple.  U-turn.  The one we wanted was 7 minutes further down the road.  Crazy. 

But we got there in plenty of time, and even were able to squish into some seats in the sealing room.  Temple ceremonies are considered sacred so we don't talk about them in detail outside the temple.  But the room was gorgeous, with frosted and beveled glass windows nearly floor to ceiling along one wall, casting the most beautiful natural light onto Natalee and Carson, and everyone else in the room.  The sealing ceremony itself is very short and simple, but beforehand, the man performing the ceremony, called a sealer, had quite a lengthy bit of advice for the happy couple.  I was in tears of course by the end, feeling the Spirit strongly, so happy for them, also reliving my own wedding day with Ed.  I loved sitting close to him, holding his hand.

Natalee and Carson coming out of the temple as husband and wife.

The Oquirrh Moutain temple is up on a hill, and it was dang windy that day, so it was kind of crazy doing pictures outside with everyone.  Windy.  Cold.  Millions of kids.  But we were all so happy for them we didn't care.  At least I didn't. Plus my blood runs hot and I wasn't cold.  The girls' babysitters showed up with the girls, perfectly dressed and tressed, complete with peacock feather hair clips specially made for them to go with the peacock-color wedding scheme. 

All eight of the Hickman siblings
 Then things got a little hazy.   A lot of Carson's family was going to the church to cut fruit and otherwise continue decorating for the reception.  Hickmans were also supposed to go to the church, for family photos with the wedding photographer.  I had to take the babysitters back to the hotel to get their car, plus I had slated the afternoon to do laundry, so I had to at least take it out of the machines at the hotel.  Then rush back to the church for pictures.  By the time that was all over, it was less than 2 hours until the reception, and not worth hauling the kids back to the hotel, then back again.  So we found a big room at one end of the church and kind of set up camp.  IPads. Movies on laptops.  Goody bags one thoughtful aunt had prepared.  I had a terrible headache, having not eaten lunch, and also being in Utah, so I lay down with Ginger's coat as a pillow and Hazel's as a blanket, and tried to rest.  The afternoon is kind of a blur. 

The Hickman hangout room, wedding day afternoon

The reception was great, as receptions go.  It's hard to have a receiving line because the line gets so long so fast.  But otherwise does everyone get to talk to the bride and groom?  I don't know.  The refreshments were all kinds of Rice Krispie treats, hello, yum, and fruit kabobs.  Hazel thought the whole thing was very romantic.  We left after an hour to get our kids into bed, late again.  Once they were asleep, Ed went upstairs to hang out with his brother, promising to check on them sometimes, and I drove north to Salt Lake to hang out with my high school BF, Adrienne, who has lived there for the last 13 years or so.  Connecting with her is like renewing my roots.  I saw her cool house, met her son for the first time, who is 6 months older than Poppy, then we went out to have something to eat and talk.  Motherhood, marriage, Utah, growing older, children, high school memories, church, future, etc.  We are still more alike than different, and to be like Adrienne makes me feel like a wonderful person.  Too bad I got back after midnight, only to remember I had to lose another hour thanks to daylight savings. 

Daily Report
Miles: 60+/-
No surprise bag today; not a travel day
High Point:  Being in the temple
Low Point:  Afternoon headache

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