Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ultimate Road Trip Day 13: NOW we are headed home

There was not much to do today but square our shoulders and head for home.  The landscape became more rolling; I do love driving through Ohio.  But more traffic.  Slower speed limits.  Even some road construction, and a hazmat crew working on a rolled tanker.  But also better food options; lunch at Panera was a pleasure. 

During lunch, though, I started to feel super dizzy.  The place was spinning and rolling.  I closed my eyes, put my head down, ate my food.  Took a Tylenol.  After lunch, I drove, hoping that would still things.  It wasn't too bad driving, but when we stopped for gas in Wheeling, WV, late afternoon, I could barely walk across the parking lot; it was all pitching and lurching.  My stomach was fine; it was purely vestibular.  So Ed drove the rest of the way.  We finished The Sorcerer's Stone audio book and listened to a few short stories.  Some music, some movies, and then we were home.  We rolled in around 7:30 p.m.  Unloaded the car, put the kids to bed.  All the while everything kept spinning in my head.  Totally bizarre.  I went to bed as soon as I could because when I laid down, the lurching slowed and eventually stopped.  Sweet still bliss.

Over the days, Ed and I discovered a new shared disdain for dumb-sounding town names made up of other names.  Texarkana.  Kanorado.  Missinois.  Really?  Also a less profound, but still real, disapproval of names of other more famous places in lesser-known locales.  Like Brazil, Illinois.  And too many states have a "Paris."  Just leave Paris alone and make your own names.  These are just some of the thoughts that pass through a road-tripper's mind.

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