Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ultimate Road Trip Day 9: Look at All These Beautiful Things

Today we had to leave Moab and head substantially east.  I was sorry to do it, but easily consoled by the beauty of the drive.  Desert-ish shrubs and plateaus followed by the eastward traverse over the Rockies.  The girls loved the scenery as much as Ed and I did - Hazel often exclaimed, "Nice!"  Ginger, "Awesome!"  Poppy many times repeated her exclamation from Arches, "Look at all these beautiful things!"  My greatest consolation was that "all these beautiful things" no longer seem as far from Virginia as they once did; my perspective has changed, and a few days in the car is no big deal.

Instagram.  My friend Therese asked me to join a long time ago.  Beyond the blog, I am not so tech savvy, so I never figured it out.  I noticed my sister Maren gramming like crazy over Thanksgiving, so I asked her to help me sign up.  Then I promptly forgot my login.

But I've started to find my insta-groove on this trip.  You can follow me, and see other pics from the trip that I haven't posted here; I am disco_mom.

We had lunch in the charming ski town of Frisco; we were the only folks in the Log Cabin Cafe not wearing ear bands and turtlenecks.  But we've gotten sick of fast food; I couldn't eat something fried today.  I had a really good burrito; Hazel tried onion rings for the first time and loved them.

From Frisco we stayed off I-70 and took the back way on smaller roads, through smaller towns, to Colorado Springs.  Towns I knew the names of, and recognized here and there, though I didn't know when or why I'd been through.  My six years in Colorado ended eight years ago now, and it's sad to lose your memory.

But it's very happy to arrive at Grandma's house!  We got to Ed's parents' around 4:30 and had a great time rediscovering the house, especially the toy trunks.  We had dinner, and then the two families of cousins that live nearby came over for dessert.  Eight girls and two boys pretty much destroyed the whole basement, with toy mess overflow into other surprise places we discovered later.  Lots and lots of cousin love.  Especially for Ginger, who has two girl cousins here her exact age.  Meanwhile, I did two loads of laundry, caught up with the aunts and uncles, and after everyone had left, and our girls down to bed in "the room with the fish tank", Ed and I stayed up talking to his parents at the kitchen table.

Daily Report
Miles: 450
DVD:  The Flintstones season 4
Activity:  Junior Mad Libs
Poppy:  stretchy rubber lizards
Snack:  pink and white iced animal cookies
High Point:  Family time
Low Point:  Ed getting pulled over for speeding in Lake George, even after Ginger and I had both told him to watch his speed.

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