Monday, August 06, 2007

A Night on the Town

After six years of marriage and two years in New York, Ed and I finally made our way to a Broadway show (for our anniversary.) We convinced someone to watch the girls, gussied up in our duds, and hit the town like real city dwellers.
We saw Curtains, starring David Hyde Pierce. It's a super cute and clever musical comedy whodunit, set in 1950's Boston among the cast and crew of a western stage show. Totally tasteful, original, flawlessly performed and lots of fun. Completely money's-worth entertainment. It would have taken a lot less to impress me and so I felt extra lucky to see such a great show.

After the show we got some ice cream and walked around Times Square before taking a cab home. I figured it may be the only time I see Times Square at night. But it didn't even seem like night. It was about 11pm and it was hot, crowded and hyper-lit. People, lights, and ads everywhere. Stores and restaurants open and busy. I took a moment to be appalled at how many little kids were out at that hour, then moved back out of mom mode to regular-person-on-a-date mode. As we walked down side streets we passed crowds waiting at theater back doors, hoping for a picture or autograph from the stars of Mary Poppins, Rent, and Wicked. As we walked and gawked we enjoyed thinking back to our wedding (some of you were there), and how we never expected to be here in Times Square six years later. It was an awesome break from reality for both of us.


Therese said...

don't you love david hyde pierce? spamalot is coming our way in a few months. sadly DHP is not part of the travelling cast, but i'm going to try to get to the show.

Maren said...

That's awesome. I'm so glad you got to do something really urban and fun. And a clean live theater experience is worth every penny.

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