Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kiddie Quote

Language is cool, and watching someone learn it is even cooler, not to mention cute. This evening before bedtime I was lounging on the bed watching Hazel and Ed wrestle. He got her pinned down and she tried to get away.

Hazel: Help, I'm stuck! Momma, I'm stuck!
Me: You're stuck?
Hazel: Yeah.
Me: Well don't tell me. You'll have to tell Daddy about it.
Hazel: Daddy, about it!


dave said...

Too cute! We had a similar experience recently with Enoch, when we were out of milk:

"Want Mikk, Mameee!"
"Sorry, Enoch, it's all gone"
"Don't want all gone! Want Mikk, Mameee!"

Maren said...

Ha ha ha. I love these. Our family classic was when Sonja was a little squirt and she was doing something that required pieces of tape, which Quinn was handing out one at time as she would come get them. Finally, he decided she'd had enough tape, so he said: "Sonja, this is your last piece. Don't squander it." She took it, did whatever she was doing (I can't remember- maybe taping up the couch?) and came back again. Slightly unsure what his reaction would be, she looked down and said, "Daddy, I squandered it. Can I have another one?" Of course, she got one more piece.

Tona said...

Love it, love it. Thank goodness you've got a place to make those experiences permanently recorded, because they're awfully hard to remember later, and she'll love to hear about that sort of thing over and over again.

Shanda said...

Preston and I love this story! We both laughed and laughed. What a sweet girl!

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