Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby Shebang: A-List Additions

Before I post my next baby gear list, I have two additions to my A-List:

Oxiclean or Zout Stain Remover Sprays - If you don't know how much these are needed, you don't have a baby. You'll find out when you do. There is no getting around the diaper explosions, and that yellow stuff is a *%$@ to get out. Especially if, like me, you can't just throw it in the washer right away. Oxiclean and Zout work miracles with these and all stains. (I found out the hard way that bananas, if you can believe it, are some of the hardest stains to get out.)

My Radio Shack Timer - I know a digital timer is not the first thing to come to mind for baby gear, but I find it indispensable. When I was working as a school Speech Pathologist I used it for timing drills, turn-taking, games, session times, etc. Now that I'm a stay-home mom my brain cannot hold important things like when the cake or laundry will be done; enter timer. With the laundry room in the basement, sometimes people are waiting so I really need to move it right when it's done. I also use the timer for 5-more-minutes warnings, alternate side parking (time to move the car), and now that we are doing some sleep training with Ginger it helps me keep track of how long she sleeps each nap. I know you would think any timer could do these things, but I've had others and this one is the best. The sound is just the right volume, the display is clear, it can stick with a magnet, stand on a surface, clip to a belt/collar, or go in my pocket.

OK, that's it for additions. Now I'll work on Part II.


Maren said...

I've never tried the Oxy spray, but I have been a true Zout groupie ever since Sonja was born (almost 8 years ago). Rinse, spray, and wash whenever.

The timer is a great idea. I used to take mine to the playground so I could have it tell us when it was time to go. Sonja liked the neutrality of it, and other moms would always comment on what a brilliant idea it was (Yes, thank you).

Shanda said...

I love zout! It always gets the worst stains out. helps baby clothes last so much longer!

Shanda said...

did you know zout was recomended by the "Queen of Clean"? That is where I first heard about it. the queen of clean is a lady that was always on the morning news shows in Arizona. She also wrote a couple of books on cleaning tricks. If only she could just come to my house once a week. ;)

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