Saturday, August 25, 2007


I was just rummaging through the cupboard for a late afternoon snack, and pleased to find it well-stocked thanks to my recent shopping trip(s). Looking at my options, I thought to myself, "This is a nearly perfect snack cupboard - lucky me!" It contained*:
  • Trader Joe's Joe-Joe cookies
  • Wheat Thins
  • Super salty mini pretzels
  • Archer Farms (Target) Cherry Pistachio Dark Chocolate granola bars
  • Smoked almonds from the local Turkish store
  • Ovaltine (rich chocolate) for making chocolate milk
  • Trader Joe's triple ginger snaps
  • Individual applesauce cups
  • Tang
  • Popcorn kernels (for use with air popper)
  • Enormous Jacques Torres dark chocolate bar
  • (and it needs some tortilla chips for use with good salsa, and honey roasted peanuts)
Looking at the contents objectively, I realize it's probably only perfect to me - most likely this combination is not anyone else's ideal. So here's my question to you:

What's in your perfect snack cupboard?

*Yes, I eat fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks sometimes, too - but this is only about the cupboard.


Tona said...

Wow, I have to discover the Target granola bar aisle. The kids like to see individual Dorito bags (cool ranch), pudding cups, Oreos and crunchy not chewy granola bars. D and I like to see good quality tortilla chips to make into nachos, homestyle microwave popcorn, fancy flatbread crackers to dip into hummus, grissini crispy skinny breadsticks, Hershey's syrup, graham crackers and store-bought canned frosting, mini kosher dill pickles, and sardines packed in oil.

dnpoyk said...

Slimfast & Champagne.

Disco Mom said...

So far: WEIRDOS! I mean I can relate to graham crackers and frosting, though homemade is better. But mini pickles and oily sardines?

Shells said...

Pita chips for dipping in hummus,dark chocolate, tortilla chips for making nachos, thin pretzel sticks and good pretzel dip, good crackers for crackers and cheese, dried cherries.

Just Katy said...

Like any good American, I make up for quality with quantity. I rarely get past stove popped popcorn in mass quantities. For those rare occasions I venture past the popcorn, I have some dried (preferably spicy) mango strips. If I'm lucky Boiled Peanuts. Best food on the planet. And Swedish rye crackers. They'll convince you to stop snacking when nothing else will...

Jenny said...

Wow some interesting choices on the list. I am at least encouraged that everyone does have a snack cupboard no matter what is in it. Ours consists of yogurt pretzels, nuts (cashews, peanuts), protien bars or granola bars, some sort of chocolate even if it is just chocolate chips (who needs the cookies go straight for the good stuff) dried cranberries, left over halloween candy (becuase we don't have any kids)crackers, and the 100 calorie oreo chips - we love them and feel less guilty eating them. Oh, there is also some rice cakes but we havn't touched those in months - they are a last resort when everything else is gone.

Disco Mom said...

Ok, those all sound better.

Katy - interesting concept, to stock your snack cupboard with an item that convinces you to stop snacking. Not an approach I am likely to implement, but still interesting.

Maren said...

I'm with Katy. Those Wassa crackers are awesome- they rank right up there with Akmak crackers, Melba toast, and celery as the anti-snacks. And I'm with Tona on the mini dill pickles- yum!

My snack cupboard just got an overhaul, which I do occasionally. No more granola bars. No more individual yogurts. I now buy the economical big tub and dish it out. (We go through way less yogurt that way.) More fresh fruit available in sight. More prepared veggies in the fridge. The cracker cupboard now has whole wheat wheat thins, pretzel or original goldfish, and Trader Joe's ginger cat cookies (for people). There's still chocolate in the stash tin (Hershey's special reserve dark stuff), and occasionally cookies in the cookie jar, though not as often as before. Kari: pack a few survival snacks for the trip!

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