Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Few Things

A couple of things I feel like mentioning but that may not warrant their own post. Or even if they do, I may never get to it. We are sleep training/coaching Poppy this week and we're in the worse-before-it-gets-better part. Deliriously tired. Hence incomplete sentences. Here you go:
  • I'm growing my hair out. It's been about three years since it was long and having a baby around makes me want to scrunchie.

  • That said, one must still get trims. After two years here, I think I have finally found a hair stylist I can live with. She has given me two good cuts in a row (a record), plus did a nice job on the girls. And she doesn't mind if I nurse under my cape.

  • Today I figured out how to prop my umbrella in the side door of the van so I can buckle Poppy in her seat under cover without trying to hold it in my chin. Changed my life.

  • I want these owl bookends.
  • After three girls, I've found the secret to making a bow stick. Not that I tried very hard before; I'm not really a bow kind of Mom. But my friend who is figured it out and another friend gave us a bunch of little bows so we stick them on once in awhile. The secret? Tacky Glue. The gold bottle stuff. Stays in all day no matter what. Just wipe gently with a wet washcloth at the end of the day.

  • We have figured out what everyone's going to be for Halloween. I'm not telling yet, but here's a hint: each girl will be something different in red-and-white, but none of them will be Little Red Riding Hood even though that's the one actual costume we own. Go figure.

  • I've scheduled our fall family photo shoot AND figured out what everyone will wear. Kinda. Mostly.

And finally, here's what we're all reading this week:


Lindsay said...

I've been trying since March to grow my hair out, too...and for the first time in my life, I'm doing it the right way by getting it trimmed periodically. It's slow going, though. My hair does not grow fast, and it's still not to my shoulders yet. Maybe by next March. :)

Also, I love how you listed what everyone's reading. May have to copy you on that one. :)

Marie W said...

The 80's are back in full swing.

I keep contemplating sleep training too. Which method are you using? I keep stalling b/c I remember the worse before better part a little too well...

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