Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day, Take Two

Ginger started preschool today. Cue Hallelujah chorus.

Not that I don't miss her. I do, badly. She is my shopping buddy and so fun to be with. But she has been deathly bored since Hazel started kindergarten - we have been staying home as much as possible to get Poppy her naps - and always asking to "do something fun." I have felt so bad for her, and now after a long wait she finally gets "something fun" at least three mornings a week.Last night for her "Back to School" celebration, we had Ginger Chutney Chicken. I thought about making something gingery for dessert, but then she requested banana splits, and hey, it doesn't get better than that.

Ginger is going to a different preschool than Hazel attended, mostly for scheduling reasons. So that means learning a new school, teachers, policy handbook, group of kids and parents, etc. I feel like all I've done for a month is fill out emergency forms and attend information meetings. But we've got the hang of kindergarten. Preschool will come along as well.
Last week we went for a one-on-one meeting with Ginger's teacher, Mrs. N. Ginger was anxious about it but later told me, smiling, "I like the way she looks." Doesn't hurt to have a fancy-looking teacher with a cute Ukrainian accent. In the meeting Mrs. N. asked me some pointed questions to help her know Ginger better: What are her strengths/weaknesses? What is important to know about her? Is she independent? How do we discipline? What are her eating/sleeping habits?

I was surprised how much I had to say. It was like I'd just been waiting for the chance to talk about Ginger to someone. Seriously, the middle kid gets the shaft. There has been so much focus on Hazel with kindergarten, and Poppy with her baby needs, that despite our best efforts, Ginger has been drifting. Now she has her own school, her own teacher, her own classmates that will hopefully become friends. Her own time away from home that she can tell about at dinner. Her own art projects to bring home, her own new songs to teach us. Finally, something that is just for her. Hallelujah.(*In the first picture, notice mulch on the playground and not the dreaded sand!)


tona said...

I also noticed the phone booth in the playroom.

Wow, great for Ginger. And hurrah for independent experiences, even though it may mean complications for Mom. You're doing great. Big banana split for you.

Holly Petty said...

I love Ginger's cute little poses for the camera. What an exciting new experience for her, and a little more free time for you :)

Erin said...

shout out for preschool! it's the highlight of Sam's week.

Lindsay said...

If memory serves me, Hazel used to wear that cute dress. I can't believe Ginger now fits it! That's great she's got her own school to go to now. It sounds like she'll really enjoy it!

Mia said...

I hear you on the middle child thing, we have been having some struggles here too. Ginger is such a cutie! Yeah for pre-school!

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