Tuesday, September 21, 2010


New this month:
  • Grabbing and eating her toes.
  • More focused and extended gnawing on her fist.
  • Horror-film-quality high-pitch scream. Wish you could hear.
  • Sitting in the high chair - here she is checking out the latest Restoration Hardware catalog.
  • Arching her back to be picked up.
  • Occasional snacks of rice cereal and lots of finger-tastes of whatever-the-rest-of-us-are-eating.
  • Aah, teething pain.
  • Packing even more cutey squeezy fat on those legs; I didn't think it was possible.
  • Going ballistic (in a good way) when I say BATH - our first solid demonstration of word-based receptive language.
  • Holding and truly focusing on toys - our favs at this age are the Skwish and the Oball rattle; both easy to keep a grip on and interesting to play with. And she can't gag on them.
  • Nearly, barely, almost sitting up. But still not rolling.
  • Rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand while nursing. It's really cute.
  • And while nighttime sleep kind of stalled out a few months ago (grrr...), daytime naps are finally settling in with our daily routine of drop-offs, errands, meals and pick-ups.

Not new this month:
We all (still) love her to pieces.

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