Friday, October 01, 2010


Today when I pulled into the parking lot at Ginger's preschool, a pumpkin stand had been set up at one end. A chilly thrill went up my spine, and that was only partly due to the 59-degree weather. It's October.

I'm pretty sure October is the best month. And that is saying something because it's not even birthday month. It starts off right each year with General Conference, which is both spritually and emotionally recharging. It also happens to give us a Sunday off of the normal church schedule, which we really need right now for Poppy's naps.

October is the perfect weather month. Yesterday it was warm and muggy. Today it is crisp and cool; fleece weather. Sweater weather. Fall clothes are my FAVORITE. Unfortunately my post-baby body isn't quite ready for my fall wardrobe, but I am currently ignoring that issue and focusing on how fun the girls are to dress - jeans, cords, tights, sweaters, clogs, skirts. Fabulous. Perfect weather also means lots of outdoor activities - more even than in the summer, when it's just too unbearably hot to actually do anything. That means Cox Farms, RenFest, apple picking, bike riding, playdates at the park, and eating al fresco.

Both girls have school field trips later this month - Hazel is going to the Reston Zoo and Ginger is going to the Potomac Vegetable Farms. And don't forget the blessed extra hour of sleep you get each October (spring forward, fall back.)

Also. While still being fall, October signals the time for me to start thinking about the holidays. We're working on Halloween costumes and the church Halloween party (unfortunately no other trick-or-treating for us this year; it's on a Sunday and we feel not Sabbath-appropriate.) Thanksgiving menus are showing up in my cooking mags and drool, drool. And Christmas, well it's just the right time to start making lists and working on a few small projects, with a "restful December" my goal.

I want to put on a pot of soup and go on a long walk. I want to buy a corduroy jacket. I want to make apple dumplings. I want to watch Ed and the girls play in the leaves...from my perch in the hammock.

And I've got the two best October words for you: candy corn.


Just Katy said...

Amen! I love this time of year. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of getting out of the house with both kids so let me know if we can tag along for any of your fall fun activities

Emily said...

You must be reading my mind. Good riddance summer! Bring on the candy corn!!

Lindsay said...

I love October, too. Today, in celebration of the month, I made an enormous batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Absolutely divine.

-Sydney- said...

October is awesome! Pumpkins are probably my favorite vegetable :) But I was surprised to learn the other day that Daylight Saving doesn't end until November 7th. What?? When did it get moved so far back? Give me my extra sleep!

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