Friday, September 24, 2010


It's Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Actually, no. It was Sunday.

But today it was celebrated at Ginger's preschool with "Pirate and Princess Day." All the kids came dressed as, you guessed it (you're so clever), a pirate or princess, with the qualifier of no hooks or swords and practical-princess shoes only please. Ginger wanted to go full-steam as a combined pirate-princess and I told her to knock herself out using whatever we have in the dress-up bin. Here's what she came up with:And she wasn't the only pirate-princess. There were lots of kerchief-covered heads, striped shirts, even a few eye patches and definitely some recycled Halloween costumes. They had Pirate's Booty for snack and for art they made crowns and pirate hats:
Shiver me timbers. I love preschool.

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