Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wrapping Paper

Last weekend Hazel attended her first drop-off birthday party. It was for a girl from preschool, and it was a "spa party." They had oatmeal facials, and gave each other manicures and pedicures, which just proves that cuteness knows no bounds. She also came home with gold-glitter-streaked hair that I never did get the straight story on, but getting a vague recount is a small price to pay.

The week before the party I got the Kids Craft Weekly "hearts" issue in my email and I got inspired. For me, crafts have to be easy and preferably made from stuff I already have. That's usually Amber's philosophy, too, so I like her stuff. One of the heart crafts was cutting a sponge into heart shape, dipping in paint, and stamping on brown craft paper to make wrapping paper.

I didn't have a plain sponge around but I told Hazel we were making wrapping paper for Ella's present, and she could paint it with a brush or paint her hands and make hand stamps. She chose the brush. Which is just fine because Ed got - and assembled - a new art easel for the girls for Christmas. So one afternoon while Ginger was sleeping, we clipped up some paper, poured some paint, and let the creativity flow. (Smock by Petite Violette.)

A day to let it dry, a little double-faced satin ribbon,
a hand-written label, and it's Happy Birthday Ella!
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