Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Hickman Family Songs

I made one up at dinner once, and the other in the car. The girls LOVE to sing them. And secretly so do I.

#1 - sung to the tune of Do-re-mi from The Sound of Music:

Ginger, Ginger, Ginger Sue,
Hazel, Hazel Xanadu,
Mommy, too,
And Daddy-roo,
Wait! Is that Daddy's naaaaaame?
Eddie, that's Daddy's name,
Kari, that's Mommy's name,
Hazel, Ginger Suzy Q,
That's the Hickman Fam-i-ly!

#2 - sung to The Adams Family tune, complete with snapping before and after:

There's Hazel and there's Ginger,
There's Mommy and there's Daddy,
And we all love each other,
The Hickman Family!


cherry said...

That is so cute!your girls are so blessed..

Lindsay said...

This reminds me of my own childhood. My mom had a song for everything -- for arriving back home after errands, for waking us up in the morning (we supplied the "ready to be tucked in" song at bedtime), for a diaper change. It was awesome. And now that I'm a mother, I catch myself singing these same little ditties. They're often nonsensical, but they're catchy just the same. Happy singing!

Jenifuz said...

those are darling!!!!

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