Saturday, February 21, 2009


A few days ago in the afternoon, in the car going to Grandma's house.

Hazel: "Mom I wish I could be a Mom today."

Me: Why do you want to be a mom?

H: Because being a mom is fun.

Me: What's fun about being a mom?

H: Well you get to drive a car, and work on the computer and all kinds of fun things.

Me: That's true, those things are fun.

Pause. I think maybe the topic is over.

H: And I really really really really love my kids.

Me: Who are your kids?

H: Well I don't know, we'll have to see.

Pause. Maybe over now?

H: But their names are Molly, Dolly, Cholly, Zolly and Prolly!

That's my girl. Naming the kids is the most important part.

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