Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PR Dish - A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Screwed

The Challenge: Creating a look for each other inspired by different musical genres. What a FABULOUS challenge! The lineup:
  • Leanne designs a country look for Korto (super tough one)
  • Korto designs a punk look for Suede (probably the easiest, relatively)
  • Suede designs a rock n' roll look for Jerrell
  • Jerrell designs a pop look for Kenley
  • Kenley designs a hip hop look for Leanne (clueless!)
Tim says, "This will be the most unique show we've ever seen on the Runway."

The Winner: Korto

I don't disagree but Jerrell could just as easily have won:

The Loser: Suede

The Dish (written while watching):

  • Enough with the snarkiness to Tim, Kenley! And to Nina. I want to smack your face. But that aside, I'm pretty sure nothing you are doing is hip hop. Not that I could do any better, but I'm not pretending to know everything.
  • But in the end I did feel sorry for Kenley, having LL Cool J as the judge.
  • Michael called the designs "spotty."
  • "Jerrell looks like Jerrell."
  • Korto looks "like a woman going out to eat ribs."
  • I called it, Suede's out. Not that that was an amazing projection to get right, but still.
  • Ooh, announcement: Top Chef New York coming soon! Yummy...
  • OK folks, we're down to 4 - who's it gonna be? Korto, Jerrell for sure. Leanne or Kenley?

Next week: Drawing inspiration from nature. Everyone cries.


Margaret said...

I cannot believe Kenley didn't lose! Suede is terrible, but Kenley made the worst possible hip hop outfit. Who puts high waisted pants with hip hop? Nobody.

I'm glad Korto won. She's my favorite. I liked her bleached jeans.

kat said...

max's first words, based on tonight's show, are going to be WHAT THE?!!!!

i totally thought suade was saved by kenley's horrible ridiculous interpretation of 'hip hop.' her outfit would have worked wonderfully in a 'flock of seagulls' video. high waisted jeans with enormous gold buttons? are you kidding me? you call that 'fashion forward?' please give me a break.

i wonder if the remaining guys are all shaking their heads, wondering how their over-the-top attempt at sabotage could have possibly failed so miserably. at least suade had craftsmanship going for him this time, and no snottiness.

i could have easily taken another week of him talking in the third person, but instead we get another week of kenley being completely unable to take any criticism AT ALL and trying to cover up her lack of knowledge about something by claiming to know everything about it.

tona said...

I'm not a regular watcher, so I'm curious whether this was the first challenge that involved menswear? I thought Korto had a good point when she pointed out that she proved she could do menswear and she took some ordinary denim and did something pretty awesome with it. Leanne looked so uncomfortable in Kenley's weird outfit, and what was with the hair?

I wish we heard more from LL Cool J, but then I missed the first five minutes so maybe he showed up more there. He looked a little out of place in the judging though I thought he made very useful comments and I would have liked to hear more from him.
Heidi looked adorable, by the way. All that girl needs is a plain black Tshirt to look stunning. She amazes me.

KRISTIN said...

I finally watched this episode last night. Every week I dislike Kenley more and more. I can't believe her attitude and aesthetic! Oh, how the other designers must feel!(She also totally reminds me of an old 'best friend' who made out with my crush).
I agree, Jerrell could have won.
I soooooo can't wait for the next episode. Who knows, maybe I'll watch it sooner, I always love to see real tears on TV.

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