Friday, September 05, 2008

Nie Nie Auction Follow-up

Thanks to everyone who spread the word and/or bid on our auction here - we made $100 for the Nielsons! To donate see the button on the right. I myself made the rounds on a couple of auctions and won this fabulous bag from Apostrophy Designs via Ponytail Challenge:Anybody else score something great from the auctions (besides Kat)? Many auctions are still going on, and new ones being added - Design Mom is keeping an updated list of live auctions here. A couple of bloggers are also gathering totals from this enormous effort so hopefully soon we can find out a grand total.

While looking at Apostrophy's stuff I also noted she's doing a bag giveaway at Vermillion Rules! Then I saw that VR! does giveaways of really awesome, usually Etsy, stuff almost daily, so I have added her to my growing file of giveaway bookmarks.

So far this week, cool stuff from:
Less Ordinary Designs
Sassy Aprons (would you believe I'm still on the hunt for my perfect apron and may have to actually make it myself?)
Lovey Duds

Also cute outfit at Grosgrain is being given away this week (really hope it's to me...)

...and of course I almost cried when I saw the giveaways that I've already missed out on, but now I know.


Tori said...

Thanks for posting about my bag on your blog!! Also a bigger thanks for your donation!! I will be mailing out the bag the beginning of the week!! **Your blog is way cute**

bethany said...

Thanks for writing about the giveaways on your blog-wanted to mention that I had this cute apron in my Etsy favorites and it might meet your qualifications....
Plus-it's on sale!! Can't beat that price!!

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