Thursday, September 04, 2008

PR Dish - Double Dish

I missed dishing last week because I got behind and didn't get the episode totally watched until Monday night. So I'll just briefly say: HALLELUJAH that Kieth is out! I was sooooo sick of his whining and blaming and excuses. And all his talk about how he "deserves" it more than anyone else. It's not about deserving, it's about earning, and he didn't have what it takes. And the pity party about how he doesn't have a lot of chances to get out of Utah, and this was his big chance and now it's gone. I have an idea, maybe he hasn't thought of it, how to get out of Utah. LEAVE UTAH. People do it all the time. An important lesson from this episode, one that has recurred throughout the seasons - if you're not true to yourself and design for some other purpose (like trying to make the judges happy), you're doomed.

As for the top designs in the challenge to make an innovative design from car parts, I truly admired all three and would have agreed with any of them winning. Korto is proving to consistently be my favorite designer, and maybe my favorite person, on the show, though Jerrell is good too. I was glad to see Leanne do something edgy and win for it. As for Stella and Blayne, well, it's just a matter of time. OK, on to this week.

The Challenge: Create a design for fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg's fall collection inspired by the movie "A Foreign Affair."

The Winner: Leanne
Buh-bye: Stella
Disco Mom's pick - tie between Leanne (above) and Korto:
The Dish:
  • I almost wanted Kenley to win just because she wanted it so badly but she really should have made some kind of jacket to go with the dress. It was nice but seemed simple. I was surprised she was in the top 3.
  • Nice knickers, Blayne.
  • Poor Joe, thinking his was so great, to end up in the bottom two, but it was kind of tacky. Still don't understand his "aesthetic."
  • Good for Leanne, winning with immunity. I really liked her last 2 looks so I hope she can keep it up and keep the bar high - I loved the ruffle down the back and wish I looked like that walking away. Shudder to think what I do look like. And Leanne's model is one of my favorites, she did a great job working the spystress thing on the catwalk.
  • They made a big deal about Diane vF's famous use of prints so I thought Korto should have either won or at least been in the top 2 for doing the only good job with prints.
  • My predictions for Bryant Park - OUT: Blayne, Joe, Suede, MAYBE IN IF SOMEONE CHOKES: Jerrell, Terri, PROBABLY IN: Kenley, Leanne, Korto. We shall see.
What did you think - please enlighten, Margaret!

Also, is anyone watching Top Design? I recorded it but haven't watched yet. I'm interested in interior design so curious what the challenges are like and what they produce, but don't know if I can handle two competition shows at once.

Next Week: Team challenge to create a garment around the astrological sign of their partner - kind of a stretch. Francisco Costa guest judges.


kat said...

i thought the same thing as soon as keith was wah wahing about how he doesn't have any chance living in utah. GET ON A PLANE AND LEAVE, you big baby! you don't have to stay there if you don't like it, dork boy!

i thought leanne's dress was LOVELY this time around. i also liked kenley's, but she totally needed a little jacket on top.

stella and joe were tied in my book for messy, but that silly cape tipped it for stella.

Margaret said...

I found myself actually yelling at Keith through the tv to shut up. I'm glad to see his yucky rat tail go.

I picked Leanne as the winner, but I really like Korto's dress. But what is going on with all those big sleeve dresses and jackets? Have we seen her do another shape? I usually like what she does but it is starting to feel repetitive to me.

I thought Kenley's dress was fine, but not top 3 good. I thought Blayne should have been in the bottom 3. I didn't like his outfit at all.

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