Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PR Dish - Time Capsule Transformation

The Challenge: A head-to-toe makeover for recent college graduates ready to enter the workforce (accompanied by their mothers with outdated tastes.)

The Winner (and my pick): Jerrell
The Loser (I agree): Joe
The Dish:
  • Joe went up in my estimation a few notches with his astute observation: "The mother-daughter dynamic is the eighth wonder of the world." Then he went down again when I saw the chain he wears. He's just a little stuck in the 80's.
  • I love how Leanne shut her client mom down on the animal prints. Absolutment non! (I write with my feet up on zebra print ottomans. Whatever, what am I trying to win?)
  • It was kind of fun hearing about everyone's first jobs.
  • Kenley's great mistake: "I never really change anything for Tim." Has she like never seen the last 4 seasons? And no, no, not a feather hairpiece on your client!
  • Korto's dress was too short; otherwise pretty cute.
  • Kenley's was NOT flattering on her client and made her look chubby where she's not. But at least she chose a good print for once. I enjoyed a secret satisfaction in seeing Kenley's face when Jerrell won.
  • I think Suede's butt only got saved by his client's rocking modeling skills. And how bad Joe's suit was.
  • Joe's out of his league at this point. I mean he did OK for awhile but he is out of touch and out of date.
  • Jerrell is my new favorite personality. I want Bravo to have a contest (that I win) with the prize that you get to be Jerrell's client, just so I can high-five him and have him call me "Girl!"
  • Korto is totally consistently contemporary, love her stuff.
Next Week: A "musical genre" challenge. LL Cool J guest judges. At least I know who that is for once. My guess is Suede is out next.


cherry said...

I don't really watch TV but it's funny how i always remember you when i see "Project Runway" on TV...

Jenifuz said...

Oh, it was so nice to see Joe go. I agree that a suit is a good thing to have when you are entering the workplace but his was really NOT flattering and didn't seem to fit her very well, nor did it say graphic designer to me!
I though Kenley was very rude to start laughing when the judges started making comments on Joe's suit. It was nice to see her look of shock when Jerel won. I'm kind of tired of her same look that she keeps doing. She always has so much confidence in her design but it's been a while since she won. Doesn't that tell her anything?
I love Korto's design and she's so consistent. Jerel's was the best though and the best total makeover! Thanks for getting me hooked! OH and I loved Top design this week too!! IT had past PR winners on and the designers had to design a store window inspired by one of their creations! It was fun!

tona said...

I actually watched it! d watched with me and within minutes he had Tim's voice down pat. Hilarious.

What was Jerrell wearing on his head when he won?? ??

Joe milked the "empowerment for his daughters" line a lot.

I can't even remember Leanne's design today so it must not have been memorable at all. O yeah, it was that cutiepie dress with the dismal jacket. The dress was great but I don't know how practical it was for a teacher job or a teacher interview.

Kenley's dress was hideous. The vest was not "menswear" and the judge pegged it right by calling it fairy tale. And yes, lose the feather.

kat said...

i liked jarell's look the best, but i had a super hard time getting over the bird that flew into his head and got flattened.

i liked korto's look, but forget about wearing that in a lab. you've got to be kidding me.

leanne's jacket was killing me, and not in a good way.

hated suade's jacket - liked the dress.

kenley totally got lucky scoring 'mini-me.' the dress totally made the girl look chubby - yikes! suade will be gone next, followed by kenley, because she doesn't do ANYTHING different!

joe's tailoring was awful. too bad the straight guy couldn't pull it off!

nancy was my favorite mother. i think she is secretly a transvestite. what a low voice!!

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