Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PR Dish - Signs

The Challenge: Create an avant-garde look inspired by the astrological sign of one of your team members. Two designers will be eliminated.

The Catch:
The teams are not made up by pairing remaining contestants. Instead, each remaining contestant is paired with one of the eliminated contestants. Aagh! The whiners are all back!!! (Plus Emily and Jerry who I'm actually happy to see.) This is funny because I was just talking to Tona tonight about how she should start watching this season. She likes to jump in at about the middle when there are only the good designers left and not so many to keep track of. This way she gets the "best" of both worlds.

The Teams Who Deserved Each Other: Stella/Blayne, Terri/Keith

The Winner: Jerrell
Disco Mom's pick: Joe
The Losers: Blayne and Terri, imagine that!

The Dish:
  • Keith needs to keep all opinions to himself (because there is an overabundance of proof he has terrible taste and questionable skills) and just do what Terri says. Oops, sorry, Keith, was that not gentle enough? I forgot how fragile you are right now.
  • How is Kenley so confident with the 80's floral and plaid AGAIN? You must always, always listen to what Tim says, especially if he has doubts! It's as good as condemnation. Enough with the tulip skirts - I feel we have seen the extent of Kenley's range.
  • Korto and Leanne seem to be the only ones left with consistent creativity.
  • What. Was. Blayne. Thinking????! But of course I wonder that every episode. Is it an LA thing because I didn't usually get Jeffrey's stuff either.
  • I didn't totally get Jerrell's outfit but I was digging the skirt seriously - I would love to see a whole collection from him. Looks like he's on his way.
  • I liked how Joe's looked like molten lava when she walked, it really evoked fire and lava, which is what he was going for.
Seriously, is anyone watching Top Design? I've recorded it but not watched yet. Talk to me.

Next week: Helping re-invent college-aged women for entry into the working world. (Challenges with real-life clients are always full of stress and drama because regular people usually have bad taste and the designers are stuck between making something good and pleasing the client. Remember last season when Christian almost went home on the prom dress challenge? Or two years ago when Jeffrey almost bit it making a dress for Angela's mom? This should be a good one!)


kat said...

amen to everything. poor little fragile keith. but terri should have still given him something to do. just because he doesn't have taste doesn't mean he can't sew.

i loved joe's too. i HATED blayne's, terri's was just lame looking, suade made a pant suit - and please lose the third-person nonsense, and KENLEY! what the?!

i haven't checked out top design. i'm semi-curious about it after seeing a commercial for it. do i have enough memory for another show on my tivo? ;)

Jenifuz said...

blayne's was AWFUL! I really didn't like Kenley's either but oh well. her floral fabrics are getting a little old too. I agree, Korto and Leanne are the only two that are still doing something new.
Haven't watched top design, didn't have the energy for it last night but I might watch the re-run of it sometime this week!
Thanks for getting me interested and hooked on PR!

Margaret said...

Leanne was my favorite again. I liked Joe's outfit, but I didn't even notice it until the runway show.

Kalle and I were talking about how much time they have between challenges because of how fragile Keith was. Stella was the last one off but totally trying to make what Blayne wanted, which was poop, but I liked her attitude.

I really thought Kenley was going to eat it instead of Terri. I think Kenley's out next week because in the preview she said she wasn't going to listen to anyone and make what she wants.

I don't record Top Design. I'll probably catch a marathon as I stay up with Kat's "Jack" in a couple of weeks. Then I'll be hooked.

Anonymous said...

so first of all I have to say I blame you entirely for my new addiction to PR thanks to you. not only have I started watching the current season, but I've gone back and watched old seasons on youtube. bother! and I'm really enjoying your blogs about it, a lot of times I agree whole heartedly with your comments, but its also fun when I don't. I wish I had more time to be an eccentric blogger like you, and actually do it more often. I do admit I watch more just to see the challenges and what outfits they turn out (where else would I have seen that Blain/Stella creation?) but there are some I'm glad to see go and others I whish could have stayed longer.

on to Top Design. I actually started watching it with out help from you (I feel so proud) just like your friend says, it really doesn't get exciting until half way, but I've enjoyed it so far. and would be happy to fill you in if you want. but here is my 'trivia' for the day for Top Design. one of the Designers is Mrs. Ricky Schroeder. you know the cute little kid from Silver Spoon, who grew up and got on NYPD Blue. Well some time after NYPD he converted to Mormonism... this is a true story. about two months ago he and his wife did a fireside at a Single Adult Conference (I did not attend but two of my closest friends did. In her talk she mentioned being an interior designer and being on an upcoming TV Show. neither of us made the connection until I started watching the show :).

I'd be happy to fill you in on the whole show, but for now I'll just comment on Andrea Schroeder. I think she actually has talent and a shot of getting far in the competition (there are others much better though so I don't think a win is on the ticket) She mentions in almost every interview that she is RICKY Schroeder's wife and is here to make a name for herself not just Ricky's wife. but she has not told any of the other contestants, which I think will be interesting when they find out. she does have a picture of the two of them on her nightstand, but he is facing her so you only see his profile (its a very 'romantic' photo!) but her roommate said "your husband looks a lot like that Ricky Schroeder guy . . he he he
I'm impressed that she has never brought her religion up, as it has nothing to do with the competition. but its fun to watch her. she is VERY opinionated and is not afraid to tell the other competitors or judges what she thinks of the others work and skills.

later gater - Kimmie P

Mo said...

Last night I learned a hard truth about myself. Clearly I know nothing about haute couture. I thought Joe's creation was amazing, Korto's was inspired, and Leanne's was just cool. So why did Jerrell win handily? What am I not getting here? I am with you on the skirt, though. Paired with a crisp white blouse, vintage pearls, and some black boots with heels? Perfect. Incidentally, I am still watching. A reality show. Faithfully. Let me know if anyone sees a pig fly by their window in the near future!

Jenifuz said...

So, that's funny, I was just coming on to say what Kimmie said! I do have to say that I know her and her kids. I never got to meet Rick when they lived out near Grand Junction but Andrea was a good friend with my step-mom. So, now I have to watch it and I know she's going to be watching it too! The episode from this week was kind of interesting! How would you decorate a bomb shelter??

Disco Mom said...

It's extremely gratifying to take credit for getting at least 4 people hooked on project runway (my sister Tona included). Thanks for weighing in, everyone, and sharing my obsession. I wonder if we could set up some kind of live chat during the finale...

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