Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things We'll Miss #2: The UPS Man

Parking issues in NY plus having two kids of which at least one is usually napping during any given daylight hour has led me to do much of our household shopping online (diapers, clothes, paper and cleaning supplies, etc.) Therefore we see the UPS man, or as Hazel calls him, "The Package Man" often, sometimes several times a week. Sometimes it's a different guy but usually it's a friendly, ultra-Brooklyn, short & stocky Italian, named - you guessed it - JOE. Sometimes we chat briefly, he tells me what's up in the neighborhood since he does business deliveries on 3rd & 4th Avenue in the morning and residential in the afternoon & evening. He knows I'm always home so sometimes he even buzzes me when he doesn't have something for me but needs to get in the building. Hazel loves him, or maybe just getting packages, but when he buzzes up she runs to the door yelling, "The Package Man!" And when we open it up, he gives her a high 5 and exclaims, "Hey, how's my guhlfriend?!" I considered, then felt it would be crossing some kind of boundary, to take his picture, but anyway, we'll miss our UPS man.

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