Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things I Won't Miss #1: Parking Hassles

We've been over the parking issues here but that doesn't mean they've gone away. Parking continues to dictate where we go and when and I'm looking forward to a little freedom from that. It will be nice to at least have the option to drive somewhere after 4pm, or to go to the post office, library, or doctor's office and not drive around for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot. Not to mention the state our bumper is in after 3 years of parallel parking (though we've gotten good at it). Or the panic when we wake up and think, "What day is it? Where's the car?" Or the letdown of finally finding a meter spot only to discover you're out of quarters. No, the parking hassles are something I won't miss.

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Davey said...

Parking is never an issue here in NoVa. Traffic is... but you know that. Parking is almost always a breeze. At least for you. Depending on the neigborhood, there may not be a lot of space for visitors, but seriously, tell them to walk a block, it won't kill 'em.

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