Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DM Takes on Moving: Status Update

It just makes me feel better to write it down, and why not here? These lists are not exhaustive.

  • getting moving estimates
  • cleaned out girls' closet
  • sorted through toys, girls' clothes, my clothes, kitchen stuff, craft/office supplies
  • sold/selling stuff on ebay & craigslist
  • made home inventory for movers
  • packed away winter clothes
  • working through food in cupboards
  • downloading cd's then giving away or selling
  • wrote letter to building manager announcing move

Need to do:
  • clean out sewing bin
  • choose a mover and lock in date (June 20?)
  • take pictures of and list valuables for insurance purposes (these are not many)
  • clean out storage unit and sort that stuff
  • clean out Ed's clothes, coat closet, linen closet
  • find a place to live in VA (minor detail), then do change of address stuff
  • get broker to list our apartment as soon as building manager approves; hope to get new tenants in July 1
  • finish a few planned good-bye gifts for friends
  • back up computer on external hard drive and guard it with my life


Davey said...

Book a mover now! Now! The summer is the crazy season, and summer weekends may already be booked. Go with a name you know, not a great deal from someone you don't. In the yellow pages, companies get full page ads in the order that they started purchasing them, so the first full page ad in the book is normally a reputable company who has been around the block. Newer companies leave you high and dry when they book someone else for 25 dollars an hour more than you. I haven't done an interstate move in years, so I'm not the best source of information, but if you haven't booked a mover yet then get on it! Time is money! Every day that you wait the rate goes up!

Disco Mom said...

Yikes, way to stress me out. We have an estimator coming today from one company, and another later this week. We're only checking with movers we've gotten personal recommendations for. Plus we're doing a weekday move so that should help a little teeny tiny bit. I'm on it, I'm on it.

Rachel said...

After losing a few precious pictures Davey signed up for this service (I forget the name, Mozzy or something?) that backs up all the info on your computer every night at like 3 am. It costs $5 a month and you know you can always go to them in the event of oh no I lost it emergencies. I think it's genius. If you want the info, email me. Good luck, you are a better woman than I (I was not half as organized as you when we moved!).

MiaKatia said...

Wow, you are really organized and so very on top of your lists. I am sure this will make everything go so much smoother. I have no words of wisdom when it comes to moving seeing how I had a minor emotional breakdown every time I moved ;) Just kidding (sort of).

Maren said...

Good on ya. I agree that booking is better done sooner than later, but otherwise I'd say you're right on target. Good luck with getting your new place all squared away. That's always the most stressful for me. I'm fine so long as I know we have a place to go to.

Davey said...

Didn't mean to stress you out. Sorry. Just wanted to impress on you the importance of booking soon. One of the many fields I've worked in is movers.

Also it is deeply disturbing to know that there is somone else named Davey. I am the only davey I have ever seen. Celebrity Daveys do not count.

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