Tuesday, December 04, 2012

December Roundup

It's only December 4 and I feel eerily behind, though I'm not sure on what.   

My (sorry-excuse-for-a) Christmas cards are mostly sent.  

Presents mostly bought, or at least planned out.  There will be another post about that one.  For sure.

Advent activities planned (mostly.)  Speaking of, I'm listing them on a page here (or see tab at the top) in case you're curious, but also so I can remember for next year.  We're trying a few new things this year, so I hope they go well. 

Same with our Christmas books.  I bought a few new ones this year, and ordered a few others from the library, but at this point we have way more than twenty-five, so I just put the ones that didn't get wrapped in a bin in the girls' room, and we read those, too.  There are some really lovely Christmas stories out there.  I especially likes ones with a new angle or twist, but still with a good message.  


Stockings and wreath are up.  We'll get our tree this weekend, then I guess I can start wrapping presents and putting them under the tree.  I like the idea of putting them all out Christmas Eve, but in the meantime, where to keep them?  Last year the wrapping all got kind of messed up, stacked in a closet.  When do you put your presents out?  And in the meantime, where do you keep them?  Wrapped or unwrapped?  I seem to need a whole room for this situation.

Tangent: what does it say about me, that my favorite catalog we've gotten this year is PBTeen?  Hello, this and this (for starters.)  Am I pretending to be younger, or that my kids are older?  Or just find the in-between exciting?

So I guess things are in order.  I am once again hooked on Lifetime (and similar) TV Christmas movies - predictable, low-budget, feel-good cheese, oh how they warm the heart and ease me to sleep like a mug of warm milk & honey.  Sometimes Poppy comes down after her sisters have fallen asleep, and asks if she can watch TV with me.  She's so snuggly in her footie pajamas I can hardly say no.

The weather has been mild the last few days; here's what we did on Sunday:

I'm so happy it's December again.  What awesomeness are you doing this month? 

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